bob mills for forum
the mersman table
Sat Jun 16, 2018 04:43

I thought that had been settled years ago. When the holes lined up, it meant that the table had to have been used to design the symbol on the ransom notes.

Forgive me for being out of touch on this. Why is it now considered a hoax? Has new evidence surfaced?

  • tableJack, Sat Jun 16 02:50
    Hey Romeo: That anonymous quote was from me. I forgot to fill in all the junk. The table proves a German connection. You are all looking for a motive (Al Capone, Izzy Fisch) and it's right in front... more
    • the mersman table — bob mills for forum, Sat Jun 16 04:43
      • TableJack, Sun Jun 17 02:57
        Michael (The Michael) and I agree with you Bob. Evidently these other guys can never be convinced how impossible it would be to fake it so it probably will stand at that.
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