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Mersman Table
Mon Jun 18, 2018 15:25

Hey Sue:

Great pictures. Michael tells me that you were at the Mersman factory a while back. Learn anything? We're thinking of how to date the Lindbergh table. There are no mfg marks on it or trim pieces. Did Mersman have any ideas?


  • Color Photos of LKC FriendsSue, Sat Jun 16 13:34
    Steve Romeo, Joe Czulinski, and Kelvin Keraga (and the replica of the ladder!) (2005) Steve Romeo and Kenneth Kerwin at Woodlawn Cemetery parking lot (2003?) Sue Campbell and Kenneth Kerwin at... more
    • Mersman Table — Jack, Mon Jun 18 15:25
      • BTWJack, Mon Jun 18 15:28
        By the way, you're awfually good looking for a Lindbergh Crime researcher!
        • Re: BTWsteve for jack, Tue Jun 19 09:33
          I know sues good looking and the rest of us are ugly bastards
          • Re: BTWJack, Tue Jun 19 09:59
            That's not what I said or meant, Steve. She's not what you'd expect a CAL researcher to look like is all.
            • Re: BTWsteve for jack, Fri Jun 22 10:00
              but I meant it
              • BTWjack, Fri Jun 22 13:49
                Well Steve, you look the same as I remember you from about twenty years ago and not so much wrong with that. At least you're consistent. Can't say I am or lots of others. How about working on the... more
    • Re: Color Photos of LKC FriendsJoe for Sue, Mon Jun 18 09:48
      Thanks Sue for posting. Great tours.. and nice to have seen the original Woodlawn Cemetery gates. I think of Robert Riehl, the cemetery guard and his description of the guy he observed sitting on top ... more
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