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Re: Massive?
Tue Jun 19, 2018 07:01

First of all, if you repeat something that I never actually said, and I do not respond to it specifically, that does not make it true. I notice you like to do that.

Script: The Lindbergh baby's prescribed dosage of viosterol was 14 drops.

Me: No, the Lindbergh child was prescribed 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil.

Script: How did we go from viosterol(vitamin D supplement) to castor oil(vitamin A supplement)?

With all due respect, over the years we've "discussed" things you get over-emotional and defensive. Furthermore, you also supposedly repeat things, which you credit to me, that is in a slightly different version than what I've actually written (ABOVE BEING A PERFECT EXAMPLE). It's like you are reading it through some sort of kaleidoscope filter and the version which comes out of it is one of your own creation. It gets tiresome attempting to correct your failed understanding of what I consider obvious. I know I'm not perfect so maybe its me, but I do not have this problem with anyone else. And finally, you make demands for research that you just aren't willing to do yourself after making a rock solid position about the very research you've never laid eyes on. And who's to blame? According to you I am. I used to think this was all some sort of game but now its clear that you are actually serious.

I know that you are upset that I do not consider handwriting analysis a real Science. I know you do not like that Lindbergh was a Eugenicist and if someone points it out it upsets you. So we clearly we see things differently. I've always thought there was a chance over the years we could have a civil discussion but I think at this point it is impossible.

  • Re: Massive?Michael 5260 for Michael, Mon Jun 18 21:32
    What the hell are you talking about now? You talked about cod liver oil dosage and I talked about cod liver dosage. I initially talked about viosterol dosage and you decided to switch and talk about... more
    • Re: Massive? — Michael, Tue Jun 19 07:01
      • Re: Massive?Michael 5260 for Michael, Tue Jun 19 09:48
        I'l skip your obfuscations and get to the point. What is the name of the handwriting expert that told you the handwriting on the trim board was forged. To refresh your memory. Quote: "Now let's take... more
        • Re: Massive?Michael, Tue Jun 19 13:45
          Script: I told you years ago the telephone number was not a forgery and you said it was a forgery according to an expert that explained it to you. That is not what I said. Is this is supposed to mean ... more
          • Re: Massive?Michael 5260 for Michael, Tue Jun 19 14:05
            Stop waffling for Christ's sake. What the hell is the name of the handwriting expert that explained "by me", "to me", whatever the "me" you happen to decide on using that the telephone number was... more
            • Re: Massive?Michael , Tue Jun 19 14:22
              Try this: Now let's take a look at the actual writing through the one expert who did take a look at it as explained by me (in part). Does that help any?
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