Michael 5260 for Steve Romeo
Re: Mersman Table handwriting
Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:33

It's been years since I looked at the Mersman table. At that time Mark and I were looking at the handwriting and nothing else.

If there is some kind of identifier, manufacturer's stamp, burn mark, production tag, or a lot number/patent number on the underside of the table it might help in dating the table.

Mersman tables generally had a four-digit number stamped on the table. If this number is a patent number Biddington's identification chart can be consulted. It has patent dates and numbers from 1836 to 1990. This might be helpful.

Let's face it Steve. If the exact month, day, year, time, and the name of the person that assembled the table and also what they ate for lunch that day is not discovered the table will remain as questionable evidence.

If the date of the table is discovered and it is found to have been manufactured after 1932 we will never hear about this table again. That would be a blessing in itself.

  • Re: Mersman Table handwritingsteve romeo, Tue Jun 19 09:53
    all in all I think its a hoax. we have to look at the date of the table that will end all nonsense
    • Re: Mersman Table handwriting — Michael 5260 for Steve Romeo, Tue Jun 19 12:33
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