Richard E Sloan
LKC friends pics and COndon's house
Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:13

Ah, yes, those were the days, my friend. Those were the days. Steve took every single bus tour, to help me with the food and drinks. What a guy. I couldn't have done it without him! The others in that first photo were real troupers, too,and participated in most of them, God bless 'em! I think Sue holds the record for taking the second-most number of tours. (Maybe I'm not in the picture because I took it?) The other snapshot seems to have been taken at the ransom drop off spot. (Note our bus in the background.) Yes, that's Kelvin in the red flannel shirt. The lady with the beautiful red hair was Julia Grayson. I don't remember the others. This is the first time I've seen these photos. My only disappointment throughout all the years I conducted those tours was never being able to get the owners of Hauptmann's and Condon's houses to let us in.
The producer of the recent TVer couldn't reach the (present) owners, either. Did I ever tell you this:?--
At the bottom of the wooden steps to Condon's porch there were two thick wooden posts with large wooden balls on top of them. You can see them in old photos of the house. It's conceivable that when climbing up and down the steps, most people grabbed those wooden balls (people like Lindbergh, Breckinridge, and the two taxi drivers who brought ransom notes to the house.) When the house was being renovated last year, I drove by to look at it and found one of them lying on the ground, unceremoniously broken off the base, which was still planted in the ground. The other post was still attached. I asked the workmen if they were throwing it out and if so, could I have it. They said yes. It now stands in my garage. A few months later five or six of us got together for a little reunion and viewed the house from the exterior. The work was still going on. This time, the matching post and ball now lay on the ground -- this time neatly cut off with a buzz saw. Obviously, it was also destined for the dumpster. So one of our party, who drove his pickup truck from NJ, grabbed it and took it home.

  • 2002 Colour Photos of LKC Friends Sam, Wed Jun 20 14:41
    16 years ago: (from left) Ronelle, Nancy, Steve, Sue and Sam I CAN'T believe Rich wasn't in this picture. Here's Rich sharing his RICH knowledge with us at St. Raymond's
    • LKC friends pics and COndon's house — Richard E Sloan, Thu Jun 21 10:13
      • Re: LKC friends pics and COndon's housesteve for rich, Mon Jun 25 09:35
        thank you for the kind words im thinking of selling a Lindbergh police poster and a liberty mag place card that was put in the stores to advertise the kidnapping articles this one is about condon
    • Group photosTanialee, Thu Jun 21 00:53
      I remember when y'all did this trip, very nice photo. I never knew Ronelle was a shorty just like me. I'm 4'8". Guess she's a bit taller than Me. 😊
    • More detailSam, Wed Jun 20 14:43
      Second photo: on the left is Kelvin; and Joe's face is on the extreme right.
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