Richard Sloan
Marian Christy
Wed Jun 27, 2018 13:46

SOmeone here (Sue?) posted something about Marian Christy, a reporter working for the Boston Globe (she retired around 1995). In 1982 she conducted an interview with Anna Hauptmann in PA. Does anyone know where I can find it without subscribing to anything? Two years late she wrote about it in her book, "Invasions of Privacy." However, it didnt really quote Anna much at all. It reads, "Mrs. Hauptmann laid her vulnerabilities before me, parading 'mistakes,' calling herself 'dumb.'...On the plane ride back [to Boston], I wrote the story longhand in a new format -- a short prologue followed by the old woman speaking for herself. My editor was pleased and ran the piece as is. Right after it was published, Mrs. Hauptmann's lawyer [Bryan] called to tell me the story was accurate and moving. He asked if I'd consider writing Mrs. Hauptmann's story in book form. She wanted me to do it. I was grateful but I knew what I really wanted to do: make this into a new kind of interview journalism."

  • Reeve interviewRichard E Sloan, Wed Jun 13 11:46
    Maybe I missed it, Bob, but I'd like to know who is the "WWD" who had this good interview with Reeve Lindbergh, and when and under what circs. it was conducted. I met and briefly chatted with her a... more
    • Marian Christy — Richard Sloan, Wed Jun 27 13:46
    • WWD the interviewerbob mills for richard sloan, Wed Jun 13 11:55
      I don't know who or what WWD is either, Richard. Maybe Tanialee can educate us.
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