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Michael 5260 for Steve
Re: The invisible QDE
Sat Jun 30, 2018 09:09

Thank you Steve. This ghost handwriting expert issue is a contemporary one so I don't think you will find anything about it in your collection.

I do know the answer and it is an easy answer. I think it would be nice if someone else other than me discovered it.

  • Re: The invisible QDEsteve for mike, Fri Jun 29 10:39
    my answer is as of now I don't know, but I might have a document or something in my collection that tells me
    • Re: The invisible QDE — Michael 5260 for Steve, Sat Jun 30 09:09
      • Re: The invisible QDEMichael, Sat Jun 30 10:59
        No Steve you read our exchange below correctly. This is what Script has been doing for years. And each and every time I was stupid enough to engage him he resurfaces years later with the same... more
        • Re: The invisible QDEMichael 5260 for Michael, Sat Jun 30 11:55
          Your position about the name of the handwriting expert that explained to you that Hauptmann's trim board writing was a forged writing is as clear as mud. Just spit the person's name out and this... more
          • Re: The invisible QDEMichael, Sat Jun 30 12:18
            Tue Jun 19, 2018 13:45 Script: I told you years ago the telephone number was not a forgery and you said it was a forgery according to an expert that explained it to you. That is not what I said. Is... more
            • Re: The invisible QDEMichael 5260 for Michael, Sat Jun 30 13:35
              Yes you can say more. You said "explained by me through the one expert who did take a look at it". So, what was the name of the expert "though which" you obtained your information so you could... more
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