Richard Sloan
Sat Jun 30, 2018 16:07

I clicked on to see everything you posted. However, noe of them contain Christy's original article containing her interview with Anna. They are all, word for word, the same, as they app'd in a n article and her book about her interviewing methods and the summary of what I posted yesterday. I wish to see the original Boston Globe article that contained her interview.
By the way, Sue, remember that when I saw you last I asked you for your phone no. and email address? Can you call me?

  • Marian ChristySue for Richard Sloan, Fri Jun 29 20:41
    This is in response to your post from June 27, 2018:;article=52522;search_term=marian+christy Here is the direct link to the article about Marian... more
    • aNNA INTERVIEW — Richard Sloan, Sat Jun 30 16:07
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