Michael 5260 for Anonymous
Re: Befogging the jury
Thu Jul 5, 2018 19:43

Hauptmann wrote Dr. Condon's address and telephone number in his closet because he needed both to communicate with Condon. It's as simple as that.

Hauptmann not having a phone or having a phone has nothing to do with the writing. Hauptmann only had to look up the information once, write it down, and after that reference the information during the ransom negotiations.

He never thought the address and telephone would be found in his apartment just as he never thought the ladder would or could be connected to him. so he left it on the ground at the crime scene

The address and telephone number being found is no stranger an event than a murderer writing a detailed meticulous murder checklist that outlines the step-by-step procedure of their planned crime in order to avoid detection and apprehension. They are extremely careful about writing down each and every detail and then sometimes will leave that murder checklist, in their own handwriting, carelessly where investigators can find it.

Third rate low rent criminals are not that bright. Hauptmann is a good example.

  • Re: Befogging the juryAnonymous, Thu Jul 5 18:14
    Why would someone who didn't have a telephone ever write down the phone number of someone else? Can anyone possibly make sense of this? Never mind Reilly, Never mind Cassidy. The whole idea makes no... more
    • Re: Befogging the jury — Michael 5260 for Anonymous, Thu Jul 5 19:43
    • befogging the jurybob mills for forum, Thu Jul 5 18:24
      I posted this. I accidentally exited the system before providing my identity. Let me restate my position. Of all the enigmas attached to the LKC (and there are many), this one has should not have... more
      • Re: befogging the juryMichael, Fri Jul 6 11:32
        Bob, Shoot me an email. The man who wrote it there admitted it to Lloyd Fisher. Fisher told Hoffman about it, continued to say it thereafter, then went to his grave believing it was true. I have a... more
        • Re: befogging the jurysteve for mike, Sat Jul 7 11:58
          I don't believe Cassidy wrote it
        • hauptmann and the phone numberbob mills for michael, Fri Jul 6 18:30
          My personal e-mail is Rmills78@tampabay.rr.com, Michael. I'm interested in your research, as always. Here's where I stand on the issue, before hearing from you. Hauptmann didn't have a telephone, so... more
          • Re: hauptmann and the phone numbersteve for bob, Sat Jul 7 12:07
            we have hauptmann admitting it also so Cassidy is not believable
            • condon's phone numberbob mills for steve and forum, Sat Jul 7 14:00
              Actually, Steve, Hauptmann didn't admit it. When he was asked if he had written Condon's number on the wall, he was confused, but apparently wanted to help the cops resolve the issue. So he said he... more
              • Re: condon's phone numberJoe for Bob Mills, Sun Jul 8 07:53
                Read the transcript, Bob. Hauptmann doesn't sound confused here at all. He's simply following the line of questioning. As much as it may seem an unusual habit to you and me, writing information on... more
                • Re: condon's phone numberMichael, Sun Jul 8 08:30
                  I agree the (3) questionings should be read. So should the Bronx Testimony, the Flemington Testimony, the Police Reports, the Memos, Interviews, and the Letters. In fact, everything should be read.... more
                  • context is everythingbob mills for michael and forum, Mon Jul 9 10:07
                    "I guess I must have written (Condon's phone number) on the wall" doesn't sound to me like an admission of guilt. It sounds more like a confused person's effort to answer a hostile question. Michael... more
                  • Re: condon's phone numberJoe for Michael, Sun Jul 8 10:54
                    I agree the high road is the one that allows for the best viewpoint, and I'm looking forward to reading this section of your book to see what's new under the sun. At the same time, we also need to... more
                    • Re: condon's phone numberMichael, Sun Jul 8 11:19
                      I think after reviewing everything assembled that you will be in the best position ever to make an informed decision - whatever that will be. What I've learned most over the years is there are always ... more
          • CassidyRichard E Sloan, Sat Jul 7 00:17
            I agree with Bob. It makes no sense why Bruno would have written the # on the inside molding of his dark closet! I think Cassidy wrote it there. I think that the claim that neither Cassidy nor anyone ... more
            • Re: Cassidysteve for rich, Sat Jul 7 11:55
              hauptmann admitted he wrote it there to the surprise of the police. this tom Cassidy crap is so b.s. don't forget he testified in the ellis parker trial, he was in sombodys back pocket
              • the writingRichard Sloan, Sat Jul 7 12:36
                Bruno said that only the letters (or was it the numbers?) looked like his writing. Then he explained to Foley that MAYBE he wrote it down because he was a little bit interested in the case. WHy... more
            • Re: CassidyJoe, Sat Jul 7 08:16
              For what it's worth, here's my take on this on the drama side of this incident. I think Cassidy may have discovered the writing after being allowed access to the Hauptmann apartment and then informed ... more
              • Re: CassidyMichael 5260 for Joe, Sat Jul 7 10:57
                The gist of the Tom Cassidy story is that he wrote the handwriting on the trim board in order to have a hot news article. A scoop for the next day. We find that the newspaper article about the... more
                • Re: CassidyMichael, Sat Jul 7 14:03
                  The first mistake is to assume. The second mistake is to believe that ANY reporter would not have wanted a "scoop" on either side of things. That position is a clear indicator that one hasn't done... more
                  • Re: CassidyMichael 5260, Sat Jul 7 22:26
                    So you are deviating from the holy scriptures of Scaduto and Kennedy concerning the Tom Cassidy story? I'm not assuming anything. Both authors made the same claim about Cassidy. Now their information ... more
                    • the closet moldingRichard Sloan, Sun Jul 8 14:31
                      ALl of this wonderful dialogue on the subject indicates to me that this is not a sidebar issue at all; it's important. I believe that Bob Mills'statement that perhaps Bruno was simply not savvy... more
                    • Re: CassidyMichael, Sun Jul 8 07:40
                      Script, Do not take it personally. What I wrote about ignorance applies to me too which is the exact reason why I pursued the answers at their source. You are making a mistake believing that any book ... more
              • CassidyRichard E Sloan, Sat Jul 7 09:36
                I don't think Cassidy's "role" is merely "a side show" at all, because it complicates the issue. I find this to be one of the big puzzles of the case. DO you agree? Bruno's responses to Foley about... more
                • Re: CassidyJoe for Richard, Sun Jul 8 08:21
                  The reason I call Cassidy's supposed claim a sideshow is because it should never have generated this much press and eternal discussion. Hauptmann's direct admission came on the heels of having been... more
            • Re: CassidyMichael for Bob & Richard, Sat Jul 7 08:00
              I sort it all out. The message boards have been a tremendous help over the years because they offer up all of the various arguments and counter-arguments. So what I've done is address the... more
      • Re: befogging the juryJoe, Fri Jul 6 10:18
        Hauptmann admitted that he wrote Condon's address and telephone number on the piece of his closet trim when shown the same by Bronx DA Samuel Foley. Confronted at the time dead to rights, in true... more
        • Re: befogging the juryMichael 5260 for Joe, Fri Jul 6 10:58
          When you read Foley's questioning of Hauptmann about the handwriting you can see how Hauptmann waffles and floats around while he attempts to dream up a cogent answer. Hauptmann was afraid to say yes ... more
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