Michael 5260 for Joe
Re: befogging the jury
Fri Jul 6, 2018 10:58

When you read Foley's questioning of Hauptmann about the handwriting you can see how Hauptmann waffles and floats around while he attempts to dream up a cogent answer. Hauptmann was afraid to say yes and he was afraid to say no because he didn't know which answer would be detrimental to him.

You can appreciate how frustrated Foley was becoming trying to get a straight answer out of Hauptmann. It was like trying to remove an impacted third molar. I know all to well about this kind of frustration when you keep trying to get an honest direct answer and all you get is evasiveness.

This also shows us how important depositions and interrogatories are. A person needs to get this stuff down on paper or have an audio recording of the interrogation session. Witnesses and defendants will sometimes do a 180 turn from what they originally said or go into denial once they are on the witness stand.

Cross-examination can be a very harrowing experience for a person when they are lying in court. Especially when the attorney knows damn well you are lying.

Mark Twain was correct. When you tell the truth you do not have to remember anything.

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    Hauptmann admitted that he wrote Condon's address and telephone number on the piece of his closet trim when shown the same by Bronx DA Samuel Foley. Confronted at the time dead to rights, in true... more
    • Re: befogging the jury — Michael 5260 for Joe, Fri Jul 6 10:58
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