Michael 5260
The perfect jury.
Sat Jul 7, 2018 08:55

When you read the appellate court decision affirming Hauptmann's conviction one of the objections stands out. An objection to the use of a magnifying glass by the jury.

(j) (1) Use of magnifying glass by the jury. We see no more objection to this than to use of eyeglasses by an individual jury.

Well, this is just sound reasoning but sound reasoning is flushed down the toilet in this case over and over. It is an offense to think in a non-emotional and objective manner. You are not supposed to do it.

C. Lloyd Fisher's ideal jury would have consisted of all jury members being deaf, dumb, and blind. They would not be able to hear any testimony or the questioning by the attorneys, they would not be able talk to one another during jury deliberations, or see any exhibits and demonstrations concerning the evidence presented in court.

This would be the perfect jury.

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