Michael 5260
Re: Cassidy
Sat Jul 7, 2018 22:26

So you are deviating from the holy scriptures of Scaduto and Kennedy concerning the Tom Cassidy story? I'm not assuming anything. Both authors made the same claim about Cassidy. Now their information is incorrect?

Now you have a different person responsible for the trim board writing? The inside of this closet is starting to get crowded with forgers.

Do you realize that if the Cassidy story was true it was an indictable offense? Or if anyone else fabricated the handwriting evidence it would have been a felony.

You say C. Lloyd Fisher knew about this claimed handwriting forgery and then told Governor Hoffman about it and they both sat on their asses and did nothing? Nothing? Both would have thrown their own mother under a bus to get their hands on anything that could prove to be exculpating evidence or testimony.

If the handwriting in the closet had been forged it would have overthrown Hauptmann's conviction. Do you have a handle on that? It would have resulted in terrible consequences for many people if the handwriting were fraudulent.

  • Re: CassidyMichael, Sat Jul 7 14:03
    The first mistake is to assume. The second mistake is to believe that ANY reporter would not have wanted a "scoop" on either side of things. That position is a clear indicator that one hasn't done... more
    • Re: Cassidy — Michael 5260, Sat Jul 7 22:26
      • the closet moldingRichard Sloan, Sun Jul 8 14:31
        ALl of this wonderful dialogue on the subject indicates to me that this is not a sidebar issue at all; it's important. I believe that Bob Mills'statement that perhaps Bruno was simply not savvy... more
      • Re: CassidyMichael, Sun Jul 8 07:40
        Script, Do not take it personally. What I wrote about ignorance applies to me too which is the exact reason why I pursued the answers at their source. You are making a mistake believing that any book ... more
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