Re: Cassidy
Sun Jul 8, 2018 07:40


Do not take it personally. What I wrote about ignorance applies to me too which is the exact reason why I pursued the answers at their source.

You are making a mistake believing that any book is a "holy" scripture. Kennedy, Fisher, Scaduto, etc. None of these guys did enough research to conclude anything.

So I set out to find what exists myself. And I found everything and present it. "I" don't have a different position - its what is contained in the place everyone pretends to have gotten their information. The difference is that I am not pretending and actually got it from there.

So again, I'd say read what I have assembled before formulating any counter-arguments because the book already addresses anything that you can blindly come up with.

  • Re: CassidyMichael 5260, Sat Jul 7 22:26
    So you are deviating from the holy scriptures of Scaduto and Kennedy concerning the Tom Cassidy story? I'm not assuming anything. Both authors made the same claim about Cassidy. Now their information ... more
    • the closet moldingRichard Sloan, Sun Jul 8 14:31
      ALl of this wonderful dialogue on the subject indicates to me that this is not a sidebar issue at all; it's important. I believe that Bob Mills'statement that perhaps Bruno was simply not savvy... more
    • Re: Cassidy — Michael, Sun Jul 8 07:40
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