Joe for Richard
Re: Cassidy
Sun Jul 8, 2018 08:21

The reason I call Cassidy's supposed claim a sideshow is because it should never have generated this much press and eternal discussion. Hauptmann's direct admission came on the heels of having been exposed for his previous lies. He was trying to avoid being caught in another one, but when suddenly presented with the closet trim, hadn't yet fathomed the damning implications of the explanation he so readily offered. Here, he was doing what he did best.. surviving. If he needed to wiggle out of this one or anything else down the road, he would find a way. He had found it by the time of the trial.

  • CassidyRichard E Sloan, Sat Jul 7 09:36
    I don't think Cassidy's "role" is merely "a side show" at all, because it complicates the issue. I find this to be one of the big puzzles of the case. DO you agree? Bruno's responses to Foley about... more
    • Re: Cassidy — Joe for Richard, Sun Jul 8 08:21
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