Re: condon's phone number
Sun Jul 8, 2018 11:19

I think after reviewing everything assembled that you will be in the best position ever to make an informed decision - whatever that will be.

What I've learned most over the years is there are always multiple sources to consult which we may have only a small portion of. So in the beginning its more like 15-20% to consider - possibly less. In the end I still say that after consulting all that exists within the walls of the NJSP Archives that we probably still only have 85-90%. With that said, I like the odds concerning a personal conclusion based upon that percentage instead of the initial one.

  • Re: condon's phone numberJoe for Michael, Sun Jul 8 10:54
    I agree the high road is the one that allows for the best viewpoint, and I'm looking forward to reading this section of your book to see what's new under the sun. At the same time, we also need to... more
    • Re: condon's phone number — Michael, Sun Jul 8 11:19
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