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context is everything
Mon Jul 9, 2018 10:07

"I guess I must have written (Condon's phone number) on the wall" doesn't sound to me like an admission of guilt. It sounds more like a confused person's effort to answer a hostile question.

Michael is right that context is important here. After 2-1/2 years of a futile investigation, suddenly a live suspect appears. But how can Hauptmann be connected to Condon? Without a connection, the worst that Hauptmann could be tried for is possession of ransom money. That wouldn't satisfy the public or Walter Winchell, would it? this case a background of desperate need to find the Eaglet's killer.

But how could Hauptmann and Condon be connected? If Hauptmann were Cemetery John, would he ever have wandered around the Bronx for 2-1/2 years without a disguise? Would he have risked visiting City Island every summer, where Condon had a place? Could he possibly have avoided questioning by one of the hundreds of cops looking for Cemetery John?

Answer: Write Condon's phone number on the wall! Bingo! Hauptmann and Condon are connected!

  • Re: condon's phone numberMichael, Sun Jul 8 08:30
    I agree the (3) questionings should be read. So should the Bronx Testimony, the Flemington Testimony, the Police Reports, the Memos, Interviews, and the Letters. In fact, everything should be read.... more
    • context is everything — bob mills for michael and forum, Mon Jul 9 10:07
    • Re: condon's phone numberJoe for Michael, Sun Jul 8 10:54
      I agree the high road is the one that allows for the best viewpoint, and I'm looking forward to reading this section of your book to see what's new under the sun. At the same time, we also need to... more
      • Re: condon's phone numberMichael, Sun Jul 8 11:19
        I think after reviewing everything assembled that you will be in the best position ever to make an informed decision - whatever that will be. What I've learned most over the years is there are always ... more
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