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Re: 3 sections
Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:30

Two sections seems to be the consensus of investigators, due to the scrape marks on the wall where the two sections would have rested.

Yet it seems plausible to me, that two sections could have been used initially so the kidnapper could climb to a point where he could then open the shutters if they were closed or not fully open. At this point, the third section would have been added so that the top of it could nest within the frame of the right hand shutter for stability. Bottom line.. three sections were brought to the house and three sections makes for an easier entrance into, and exit from the nursery window.

The issue with three sections of course would be that there's only one set of indentations in the ground below the window.. unless the kidnapper consciously located the same two holes when regrounding the ladder in the above scenario.

At the same time, could there have been a previous kidnapping attempt, in which the kidnapper realized two sections was not enough? This might explain the perceived "last minute" nature of the inclusion of Rail 16, having been fashioned from a piece of discarded indoor (attic) wood, into the third section.

There is a very curious lack of footprints at the base of the ladder where one or two kidnappers would have been moving about to accomplish what took place, even with only two sections having been used.

There's been much discussion about the lack of footprints on Michael's board. I believe this was due to the ground not readily supporting the production of recognizable footprints. We know the kidnappers were wearing foot coverings to soften their steps, and the clayey ground nearest the house I feel would have been of a relatively firmer nature due to it being protected by the leeward effect of the house east wall from precipitation which would have predominantly come from the west. Clearly the trail of footprints which proceeded eastward to the road, was made in softer ground more exposed to the elements, than that nearest the house.

  • 3 sectionsRichard Sloan, Thu Jul 12 09:13
    If I were going to kidnap the Lindbergh baby, I would bring all 3 sections in case I needed them. I think only 2 were used, right? No?
    • Re: 3 sections — Joe for Richard and Forum, Thu Jul 12 12:30
      • sect. 3 of the ladderRichard Sloan, Fri Jul 13 10:37
        I have never before come across the thought-provoking theory you presented Joe -- that perhaps there had already been a previous aborted kidnap attempt. Hmmm. I'd like to read what other posters... more
        • Re: sect. 3 of the ladderJoe, Fri Jul 13 12:19
          Richard, I believe several investigators including Schwartzkopf, felt a previous attempt or trial run might have been made prior to March 1. But I think when you factor in the apparent last minute... more
          • ladder and dowelRichard Sloan, Fri Jul 13 14:03
            I agree with your thinking. I always wondered why -- at the last minute, so to speak -- Bruno would have had to go up to the Rauchs' attic to cut out a floor board to fashion rail 16. Nobody seems to ... more
            • Re: ladder and dowelJoe , Fri Jul 13 14:55
              Actually, Mannfried wasn't even a twinkle in Hauptmann's at the time of the kidnapping. (b. November 3, 1933) It appears most likely that Hauptmann simply retrieved the piece of wood he fashioned... more
              • rail 16Richard Sloan, Fri Jul 13 16:20
                oops! you are right about when "the twinkle" was born! I never came across the story about the wood having been tossed into the basement. That only makes a little bit of sense, not much. There would... more
                • Re: rail 16Joe, Fri Jul 13 18:50
                  When you look at how the original piece of wood that became Rail 16, was cut, I believe only a very sloppy carpenter would have left such a long and angular overhang beyond the wooden joist beneath.... more
                  • LadderJack, Mon Jul 16 02:57
                    Of course we've all looked at this a lot over the years and it seems to me that bringing all three sections to the crime scene is just another nail in Hauptmann's coffin. Of which there are several... more
                    • Re: LadderJoe, Mon Jul 16 11:53
                      Koehler and Keith had a field day with the ladder pinning it back on Hauptmann, and their work represented a new high water mark in materials forensics. Hauptmann couldn't have seen it all coming,... more
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