Re: Ladder
Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:53

Koehler and Keith had a field day with the ladder pinning it back on Hauptmann, and their work represented a new high water mark in materials forensics. Hauptmann couldn't have seen it all coming, and how he could have just sat there in court listening to the wood testimony and not come unglued, is beyond me.

  • LadderJack, Mon Jul 16 02:57
    Of course we've all looked at this a lot over the years and it seems to me that bringing all three sections to the crime scene is just another nail in Hauptmann's coffin. Of which there are several... more
    • Re: Ladder — Joe, Mon Jul 16 11:53
      • ExcellentSam, Mon Jul 16 13:03
        This is an excellent, informative, mainly non-argumentative thread. A big thanks to all participants, and I hope the board sees more of this kind of discourse. I learned - or had forgotten - that... more
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