Joe for Jack
Re: Key to TLC
Wed Jul 18, 2018 08:00

How does a table bought new around 1940 figure into a 1932 kidnapping? What I find most interesting about this thing, and considering the size of the USA, that Elmer Bolliard lived within a couple miles of the location in Plainfield, New Jersey, where Harings's Hand of Hauptmann, with it's scale representation of the ransom note holes, was printed.

  • Key to TLCJack, Wed Jul 18 00:29
    The table is the key to finally solving the crime. From that we should be investigation German connections probably revealed from Donovan's information. I never could, at first, understand why... more
    • Re: Key to TLC — Joe for Jack, Wed Jul 18 08:00
      • TableJack, Wed Jul 18 08:58
        Who determined when the table was purchased new? I wasn't aware of this.
        • Re: TableMichael 5260, Wed Jul 18 09:36
          The manager of the furniture store in Plainfield, NJ where the table was purchased in 1940. The sales records verified the date and that the table was new when it was sold.
          • Re: TableMichael, Wed Jul 18 10:27
            Here is what the NJSP Archivist wrote about the table in 2006: There is apparently a lot of misinformation about the table flying around the 'Net and I wanted to try to set the basic facts as they... more
            • Re: TableJoe, Wed Jul 18 12:18
              Certainly there's room for misunderstanding and confusion among the news agencies and what got reported in 1948, but the gist of what did come out sounds very little like this table brace had any... more
              • Re: TableMichael For Joe, Wed Jul 18 12:32
                I think that without being able to prove the date we'll never truly know. Here's what I do know: I actually went to the Archives to see it. Most people who claim something about it never have. Next,... more
                • Re: TableJoe for Michael, Thu Jul 19 11:19
                  Michael, I understand that the holes between the table brace and the ransom notes "line up" and if this alone convinces you the table brace was the original template for the ransom note holes, then... more
                  • Re: TableMichael For Joe, Thu Jul 19 11:44
                    No Joe, that "alone" isn't what convinces me. In fact, as I've stated above, I am not 100% convinced. The holes lining up is very powerful when seeing it for oneself. The other aspect is that Police... more
            • Re: TableMichael 5260, Wed Jul 18 11:27
              Perth Amboy Evening News- November 22, 1948 "Albert Weismann, furniture dealer in Watchung, told police today he sold the table new, back in 1940- eight years after the Lindbergh crime". "There was... more
          • Re: TableJoe, Wed Jul 18 10:26
            I'd also speculate that when this table brace came to light in 1948, at least one of the investigators would have clued into the spacing of the holes being the same as those in the ransom notes, but... more
            • TableJack, Thu Jul 19 06:18
              There's no way that it cannot be connected. Why did it appear anyway? No one seems to have answers to these important questions. Was it left on the doorstep of the NJSP? Just generally though there's ... more
            • Table AgainJack, Thu Jul 19 05:49
              The line up of the holes is way too precise for the existing table not to have been the template. So somewhere else something is upgoofed.
            • More on TableJack, Thu Jul 19 00:58
              It would seem that there was more than one table. One used for the hole template, and another for the after the crime message. Regarding the message, it was sent (and to NJSP!) but it took them quite ... more
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