Table Again
Thu Jul 19, 2018 05:49

The line up of the holes is way too precise for the existing table not to have been the template. So somewhere else something is upgoofed.

  • Re: TableJoe, Wed Jul 18 10:26
    I'd also speculate that when this table brace came to light in 1948, at least one of the investigators would have clued into the spacing of the holes being the same as those in the ransom notes, but... more
    • TableJack, Thu Jul 19 06:18
      There's no way that it cannot be connected. Why did it appear anyway? No one seems to have answers to these important questions. Was it left on the doorstep of the NJSP? Just generally though there's ... more
    • Table Again — Jack, Thu Jul 19 05:49
    • More on TableJack, Thu Jul 19 00:58
      It would seem that there was more than one table. One used for the hole template, and another for the after the crime message. Regarding the message, it was sent (and to NJSP!) but it took them quite ... more
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