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indelible/copying pencils
Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:36

Indelible pencils have two major characteristics:

1. The writing is resistant to erasure with a rubber eraser.

2. The writing will change color when subjected to water.

I did not say the writing on the Mersman table was blue, red, black, purple, orange, or radioactive. I said if the writing was done with an indelible pencil it will change color when moistened.

The main ingredient in indelible pencils is methyl blue or methyl violet. This aniline dye is embedded in the graphite. This is why the writing will turn purple, bluish, or mauve in color when it becomes wet. The color and intensity depends upon the pencil manufacturer.

Sometimes the writing instrument a writer selects can have some bearing on the case. Taking into consideration when this handwriting on the table makes its appearance, 1948, I would want to know if Elmer Bollard or his German translator friend worked or had worked in a commercial laundry where marking clothing was required. You might find something or you may find nothing.

At the least handwriting specimens should have been taken from Elmer and his friend. It is highly probable, very probable that the handwriting took place in 1948. If you believe Elmer the table was taken apart only once, according to his surprise, to repair a loose leg. If you do not believe Elmer it was taken apart more than once. Once to use the table to make holes in the ransom notes(the confession could not have been written at this time in 1932) and a second time to write the confession. Then we have Elmer taking the table apart for the third time. Do you see the improbability of this dismantling sequence?

So, according to you, Elmer bought and paid for a "new" Mersman table and it was actually a "used" table. This should have been obvious to him when he discovered the handwriting. He didn't complain about it to the store manager once he realized the table was used? What an understanding man.

    • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael For Script, Thu Jul 19 12:02
      Like I said to Joe below ... we may never know. With that in mind there is room for speculation on either side of this - and in between. We don't know when the writing was added, and frankly that... more
      • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael 5260 for Michael, Thu Jul 19 14:07
        Thank you. I think we are finally getting somewhere. Sometimes it is very important to pay attention, strict attention, to what a person, such as Elmer Bollard, first tells you. That first story may... more
        • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael, Fri Jul 20 06:57
          I do not think its rational to jump to conclusions without anything to back it up except a newspaper article that cannot be trusted. Foisting this upon someone as if they're an idiot or something... more
          • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael 5260, Fri Jul 20 11:04
            The information about the sale/purchase date of the Mersman table appeared in two different New Jersey newspapers written by two different reporters. You say the information cannot be trusted. What... more
            • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael , Fri Jul 20 19:16
              You lost me. Did you read what Mark wrote? Newspapers are a source but probably the worst of all possible sources. Its why there's a lot wrong in the FBI Summary because it relies on newspaper... more
              • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael 5260, Sun Jul 22 12:41
                No need to get lost. If you believe two different New Jersey newspaper articles written by two different news reporters are providing flawed information about the Mersman table, fine. If you would... more
                • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael, Sun Jul 22 13:18
                  I believe Mark. I believe my eyes. I know nothing was found in a "leg" because there is no leg. And I believe what my research tells me. Benny Lupica. David Moore. Have you heard of them? Both were... more
                  • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael 5260, Sun Jul 22 16:54
                    Scaduto didn't misunderstand a damn thing. He said Albert Hamilton identified someone else as the writer of the ransom notes before Hauptmann was arrested. It's in his stinking book. Scaduto said... more
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