Michael For Joe
Re: Table
Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:44

No Joe, that "alone" isn't what convinces me. In fact, as I've stated above, I am not 100% convinced. The holes lining up is very powerful when seeing it for oneself. The other aspect is that Police were looking for a template the entire time and never found it. So I look at the possibility of a "hoax" and wonder "how" this trickster did - then put it in a place it may never be found. Usually people who do that actually want to fool someone. So its a combination of things that cause me interest and due consideration.

For me there's enough room for everyone to speculate. But I don't see any room to shut either side down at this point.
That's all.

  • Re: TableJoe for Michael, Thu Jul 19 11:19
    Michael, I understand that the holes between the table brace and the ransom notes "line up" and if this alone convinces you the table brace was the original template for the ransom note holes, then... more
    • Re: Table — Michael For Joe, Thu Jul 19 11:44
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