Re: indelible/copying pencils
Sun Jul 22, 2018 13:18

I believe Mark. I believe my eyes. I know nothing was found in a "leg" because there is no leg. And I believe what my research tells me. Benny Lupica. David Moore. Have you heard of them? Both were quoted by several newspapers as saying they saw Hauptmann. Police drove over to interview them in a great mood but left in a bad one. Why? Because they both said those stories were NOT true.

What you write about Scaduto in relation to Hamilton is correct. District Attorney Delaney of Albany County sent this information upon the request of ADA Breslin. I believe Scaduto never saw the cover letter so when he saw the letters Hamilton wrote in August 10th and 29th 1933 he misunderstood what it was about.

Next, you are incorrect when you assert that Hamilton had nothing to do with the Lindbergh kidnapping case. So you are kind of doing here what Scaduto did there ... so you might want to leave your purse made of cow's ear at home for the time being. :)

  • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael 5260, Sun Jul 22 12:41
    No need to get lost. If you believe two different New Jersey newspaper articles written by two different news reporters are providing flawed information about the Mersman table, fine. If you would... more
    • Re: indelible/copying pencils — Michael, Sun Jul 22 13:18
      • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael 5260, Sun Jul 22 16:54
        Scaduto didn't misunderstand a damn thing. He said Albert Hamilton identified someone else as the writer of the ransom notes before Hauptmann was arrested. It's in his stinking book. Scaduto said... more
        • Re: indelible/copying pencilsMichael, Sun Jul 22 20:08
          Honestly Script, I've never taken anyone's word for anything until I found out myself by researching it at the Archives. So there's very little I know for sure that did not come from an official... more
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