Joe for Steve
Re: Was It A Fake Kidnapping?
Mon Jul 23, 2018 14:40

He flew from New York to Paris in 1927, and saw the world reaction and unwanted publicity that created for himself, and that he had so much difficulty coping with. His life was barely back to normal five years later in 1932, and he's going to do something as stupid as faking the kidnapping of his first-born son, knowing the flood gates would only open again? It's laughable really.

  • Re: Was It A Fake Kidnapping?steve for joe, Mon Jul 23 12:28
    i tink the Lindbergh did it theory is the dumbest thing I ever heard in this case. theres no real evidence that he was involved. its not worth discussing
    • Re: Was It A Fake Kidnapping? — Joe for Steve, Mon Jul 23 14:40
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