Richard Sloan
COndon's and Lindy's identification of Bruno
Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:18

I believe Hauptmann was at least in on the kidnapping, even if he wasn't he actual kidnapper. But you know darn well that a lot of stunts were pulled by the prosecution to convict him, even though I believe they had a good enough case. However, I don't think for a minute that COndon's and Lindy's identification of Bruno was solid. They smell of being cajoled. Up until a day or two before Condon testified that he was the man to whom he gave the ransom money, he would not/could not ID Bruno. He just wasn't sure. He was a big problem. Lindy said at a Grand Jury hearing that he didn't think he could -- after so many years -- identify his voice (saying "Hey, doktor! Over here!") FOley then asked him if he was willing to at least try to ID that voice as Bruno's and he said he would try. I always had a gut feeling that Foley also told him that the police were sure they had the right man, and that his ID of his voice would help secure a conviction. That's why I think he ID'd his voice. I think Wilentz finally told him, "Listen doc, we're going to put Lindy on the stand and he's going to say that he ID'd him from his voice. How will it look if you contradict him?! We know we have the right guy. You will look like a fool if you don't ID him." I think Condon realized that for the sake of his family and his own reputation he finally realized that he had no choice in the matter.

  • CJjack, Tue Jul 24 16:19
    Except that both Condon and Lindbergh identified Hauptmann as being Cemetery John. Lindbergh certainly understood the gravity of his identification and was not known to be a liar. Lindbergh was in... more
    • COndon's and Lindy's identification of Bruno — Richard Sloan, Wed Jul 25 10:18
      • why jafsie identified hauptmannbob mills for richard and forum, Thu Jul 26 10:35
        Wilentz might well have pressured Jafsie Condon as you suggest, Richard. But for me, the difference between Jafsie's failure to ID Hauptmann at the lineup, and his emphatic ID in court, is one simple ... more
        • #1Jack, Thu Jul 26 14:21
          But in spite of being PE#1 for years the police never picked him up or showed any interest in him. He wound up goofing himself up. Condon's I.D. was so general that it fit about anybody. Shouldn't... more
          • what cemetery john fearedbob mills for jack, Fri Jul 27 12:45
            "Condon's ID was so general that it fit about anybody." I don't necessarily agree with that. But it doesn't matter. What matters is that whoever Cemetery John was, he had to have ASSUMED Jafsie... more
        • identifying Bruno, for Bob and forumRichard Sloan, Thu Jul 26 11:52
          I tend to agree with you, Bob that Condon feared reprisal if he identified Hauptmann. However he HAD identify other men, who later turned out to have strong alibis. It prompts me to wonder a.) why... more
          • jafsie and the lineupbob mills for richard and forum, Fri Jul 27 12:59
            I agree that Jafsie wasn't part of the gang, Richard, if only because when lecturing on the case at a nursing home in Connecticut years ago, I met an elderly woman who had attended the school where... more
            • for Steve RomeoRichard Sloan, Sat Jul 28 13:13
              Hey, Steve -- I lost your phone number! Call me ASAP!!
            • JFC IDsRichard Sloan, Fri Jul 27 18:04
              In the many mos.BEFORE Bruno was found, JFC was asked to ID a number of men as CJ. I'd have to look up the details.
        • Re: why jafsie identified hauptmannJoe for Bob Mills, Thu Jul 26 11:09
          I believe Condon was truly concerned for his safety within the prospect of having to identify CJ, as the prevalent opinion at that point that there were more participants in the crime than Hauptmann. ... more
          • what the mob knew, and didn't knowbob mills for joe and forum, Fri Jul 27 10:18
            Joe, if Hauptmann had been an active member of a gang hired by Capone, then when the gang screwed up his life would have been in danger, yes. For that very reason, I would argue that he was NOT an... more
      • Re: COndon's and Lindy's identification of BrunoJoe for Richard, Wed Jul 25 12:39
        Richard, I don't know about the voice ID by Lindbergh, but I would say his senses were probably on high alert that night. I don't believe Condon had much in the way of doubts but he truly resented... more
        • more on JFC 's and CAL's ID's of BrunoRichard Sloan, Wed Jul 25 12:56
          Regardless of being on "high alert," Lindy's hearing was impaired, thanks to the noises of flying in the old planes. He didn't even think he could identify the voice. Foley asked him to try. His... more
          • Re: more on JFC 's and CAL's ID's of BrunoJoe for Richard, Thu Jul 26 11:48
            Richard, are you aware of Lindbergh having had a hearing deficiency? I know he was in the habit of wearing hearing protection when flying, and I'm not aware of him having to ask people to repeat... more
            • Lindy and JFC ID's for Bob and ForumRichard Sloan, Thu Jul 26 12:05
              In one of her books, Reeve Lindbergh confirms that her dad had hearing loss due to the planes. Yes, Bruno had gained weight and had aged, but two years shouldnt have made THAT much of a difference.... more
    • evidencejack, Tue Jul 24 16:23
      You bring up evidence - there is absolutely no evidence of Charlie being accidentally or intentionally killed and the kidnapping a cover up. After 85 years of digging, no evidence!
      • Re: evidenceJoe for Jack, Wed Jul 25 12:42
        It's been a house of cards for over 85 years. It just keeps getting bigger with fancier window dressing..
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