Michael 5260
No wonder he was jovial.
Sat Jul 28, 2018 08:46

Governor Harold G. Hoffman was a happy guy.

1926- He becomes President and Principal Stock Holder of the South Amboy Trust Company from which he begins to embezzle money.

1928- As Commissioner of Motor Vehicles he continues to embezzle from the MV fund. Every month up to $50,000 dollars. He covered his fraudulent tracks with forgeries, phony ledger statements and fund raisers.

1934- While elected as Governor of New Jersey he embezzled $35,000 dollars.

The approximate grand total over the years was $300,000 dollars. This is the equivalent to over $5 million dollars today's money.

$300,000 dollars back then provided for a lot of gaiety and fun.

    • HoffmanRichard Sloan, Sun Jul 29 10:09
      And he also wrote a play about Abraham Lincoln that I have in my collection -- "Nor Long Remembered."
      • HoffmanJack, Wed Aug 1 00:24
        He must have had a severe alcohol problem.
        • HoffmanRichard Sloan, Wed Aug 1 10:14
          I understand that Gov. Hoffman did have a serious problem of some kind. And the man wanted to run for Pres.! I have a pc. of orig. sheet music with a campaign song that was written for his campaign!
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