Michael 5260
My research must be flawed
Wed Aug 1, 2018 13:42

I went looking for a legendary, landmark, seminal text on forensic document examination written by John M. Trendley. There was nothing to find.

Here was a man that was contrary in his handwriting opinion to the eight document examiners that testified in court and the other four that were held as rebuttal expert witnesses.

Surely Trendley must have written something on the subject of handwriting identification that would be marked by intellectual depth. After all, Trendley was correct and the other twelve examiners were wrong. His expertise must have been stupendous. Yes?

    • trendilybob mills for michael 5260 and forum, Thu Aug 2 18:28
      All I remember about handwriting is that if one's script slants to the right, one is an optimist (the reverse for a pessimist), and if one's capital letters are especially large relative to one's... more
    • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Thu Aug 2 07:28
      He then hung up the receiver and advised those present, including the Division Agents previously named: "It doesn't look so good. He says that when he first looked at the specimens he thought they... more
      • Re: My research must be flawedMichael 5260, Thu Aug 2 10:29
        The first person the investigators called was Albert S. Osborn. He was in bed with a bad cold so he advised the investigators to call his son. They did. Albert D. Osborn agreed to met the police at... more
        • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Thu Aug 2 12:08
          Okay. So what I am seeing is that the Osborns both agreed with Trendley before they disagreed with him. Yet when it comes to Trendley all I see from you is FANGS and CLAWS. When it comes to the... more
          • Re: My research must be flawedMichael 5260, Thu Aug 2 14:20
            Albert S. Osborn did not agree with John Trendley. Saying so does not make it so. You bet it's fangs and claws with John Trendley. Someone like him is very dangerous to the legal profession. This is... more
            • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Fri Aug 3 07:07
              Well, according to the report I quoted above, the Osborns did not believe Hauptmann was the writer. That agrees with Trendley's position. Therefore, saying its not true doesn't make that true. I only ... more
              • Re: My research must be flawedMichael 5260, Fri Aug 3 11:55
                I do not know what the investigators had to laugh about. According to Hauptmann and Scaduto they had just spent the whole night telling Hauptmann how to spell words and teaching him how to write... more
                • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Sat Aug 4 08:26
                  You are arguing both sides of the stick. What you should be saying is that you don't like that they were amused by the fact that "Experts" needed to hear the ransom was discovered before their... more
                  • handwriting identificationRichard Sloan, Sun Aug 5 10:19
                    I recall that the Osbornes (father & son) were originally divided about whether or not Bruno wrote the ransom notes. Son didn't agree with dad that he had written them, until there was more evidence... more
                  • Re: My research must be flawedMichael 5260, Sat Aug 4 11:00
                    I do not care whether or not law enforcement was amused by the Osborns. I do know that a conclusion about a handwriting has to be proven in court. An examiner does this with handwriting exhibits,... more
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