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Re: My research must be flawed
Fri Aug 3, 2018 11:55

I do not know what the investigators had to laugh about. According to Hauptmann and Scaduto they had just spent the whole night telling Hauptmann how to spell words and teaching him how to write exactly like the writer of the ransom notes. Were they celebrating that they were able to dupe both Osborns with the handwriting? The handwriting evidence does not support this notion.

It is impossible to teach a 35 year old individual in one evening how to write exactly like someone else. This cannot be achieved in a week, a month, a year, or ever. A person cannot write the same way someone else writes and exhibit observable speed, rhythm, and fluency.

Handwriting is a skill learned by repetition until it becomes a habit. Handwriting habits are impossible to discard at will. This is what an identification is based upon. The subtle inconspicuous habits that appear in a person's handwriting.

On the subject of reliability. A forensic examination, any kind of forensic examination, is only as good as the reliability of the examiner. When you have two different examiners studying the same problem and they have similar training and experience in their field their conclusions should not be in conflict.

Ballistics? When you have someone like Albert Hamilton switching barrels on handguns in the Sacco and Vanzetti case it brings in the question of an expert witnesses reliability. This is what happens when you have a "hired gun" and they become obsessed with "the cause". One of Hauptmann's defense attorneys mentioned "the cause". What is this? The Confederacy fighting the Civil War?

Trendley was not liked by those in his field because he was a court charlatan. Trendley's little dog and pony show with his imitation signatures to trick other expert witnesses goes back a long way. How about 1902.

"The whole effect of the testimony of an expert witness may sometimes effectually be destroyed by putting the witness to some unexpected and offhand test at the trial, as to his experience, his ability and discrimination as an expert, so that in case of his failure to meet the test he can be held up to ridicule before the jury, and thus the laughter at his expense will cause the jury to forget anything of weight that he has said against you".

Do you see the key words here? Destroyed, unexpected,and offhand?

Trendley's shady actions were not about debunking those in his own field. His job was to damage testimony that was truthful. He was unscrupulous and an unscrupulous attorney would use his services in a desperate case. Definition of desperate? Your client is as guilty as sin and you know it.

A final point. These little forged signatures created by Trendley have no place in a disputed document case at court.
You have the disputed document or documents and you have the standards of comparison. They are what your examination is based upon and also what your testimony is based upon. Bringing in signatures or handwritings outside of the writings that are in the case at hand are immaterial and irrelevant. A knowledgeable judge would know this and would not allow the writings to be entered into evidence or allow for such a stupid unfair test to take place.

  • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Fri Aug 3 07:07
    Well, according to the report I quoted above, the Osborns did not believe Hauptmann was the writer. That agrees with Trendley's position. Therefore, saying its not true doesn't make that true. I only ... more
    • Re: My research must be flawed — Michael 5260, Fri Aug 3 11:55
      • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Sat Aug 4 08:26
        You are arguing both sides of the stick. What you should be saying is that you don't like that they were amused by the fact that "Experts" needed to hear the ransom was discovered before their... more
        • handwriting identificationRichard Sloan, Sun Aug 5 10:19
          I recall that the Osbornes (father & son) were originally divided about whether or not Bruno wrote the ransom notes. Son didn't agree with dad that he had written them, until there was more evidence... more
          • Re: handwriting identificationJoe, Sun Aug 5 13:37
            It's hard to argue with the totality of the handwriting evidence against Hauptmann from such a battery of QDE's overall. For the layman, I just shake my head at the obvious similarities between the... more
            • handwritingRichard Sloan, Sun Aug 5 22:49
              Yes, his writing on letters he wrote from jail are a "dead" give away!He DONE WROTE DEM NOTES.
          • it's a small world Richard Sloan, Sun Aug 5 10:24
            Richard Bocker, the contractor we use to work on projects in our house just told me that his grandfather, Albert Bocker, owned the nursery DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM the Bergen Greenhouse... more
        • Re: My research must be flawedMichael 5260, Sat Aug 4 11:00
          I do not care whether or not law enforcement was amused by the Osborns. I do know that a conclusion about a handwriting has to be proven in court. An examiner does this with handwriting exhibits,... more
          • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Sat Aug 4 11:21
            Thanks for the offer but I don't need you to look into it for me since I've already done it for both. I am telling you it occurred, and it contradicts your position. Unlike some of the other internet ... more
            • Re: My research must be flawedMichael 5260, Sat Aug 4 15:46
              If you have already looked into it you can answer the questions. So, crank up some of that secret, it seems to be secret, archival information you have and answer the questions. No, I don't know of... more
              • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Sun Aug 5 09:01
                Of course I could answer them as could many others here on THIS Board. Isn't it amazing that we have a whole group of "Experts" over on the Yahoo site that cannot? Why is that I wonder? That insult... more
                • Re: My research must be flawedMichael 5260, Sun Aug 5 10:44
                  Okay. If there are many others on this board, I only need one person, that can answer my two questions I look forward to hearing their forthcoming answers. The questions are: * What was the name and... more
                  • Re: My research must be flawedAnonymous, Sun Aug 5 13:46
                    As to question number 2: Bert Farrar, QDE, U.S. Treasury Dept. He did believe that Hauptmann wrote the notes, but had a "falling out" with the State Police in 1932. He was subpoenaed to the Hauptmann ... more
                    • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Tue Aug 7 07:33
                      Someone has been paying attention. The falling out went further than just in '32. And the use of the subpoena was a tactic employed by the State. That tactic was twofold: They never intended to use... more
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