Richard Sloan
it's a small world
Sun Aug 5, 2018 10:24

Richard Bocker, the contractor we use to work on projects in our house just told me that his grandfather, Albert Bocker, owned the nursery DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM the Bergen Greenhouse Nursery on Tremont Ave. where Condon found the note directing him across the street to St. Raymond's cemetery!

  • handwriting identificationRichard Sloan, Sun Aug 5 10:19
    I recall that the Osbornes (father & son) were originally divided about whether or not Bruno wrote the ransom notes. Son didn't agree with dad that he had written them, until there was more evidence... more
    • Re: handwriting identificationJoe, Sun Aug 5 13:37
      It's hard to argue with the totality of the handwriting evidence against Hauptmann from such a battery of QDE's overall. For the layman, I just shake my head at the obvious similarities between the... more
      • handwritingRichard Sloan, Sun Aug 5 22:49
        Yes, his writing on letters he wrote from jail are a "dead" give away!He DONE WROTE DEM NOTES.
    • it's a small world — Richard Sloan, Sun Aug 5 10:24
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