Michael 5260
Re: My research must be flawed
Sun Aug 5, 2018 10:44

Okay. If there are many others on this board, I only need one person, that can answer my two questions I look forward to hearing their forthcoming answers.

The questions are:

* What was the name and date of the court case that Osborn and Stein appeared on opposite sides of the case?

* What was the name of the handwriting expert that was held on ice because it was feared he would "flip" and testify for the defense?

No problem with the word "agoraphobia". A person should utilize their vocabulary.

How about the two of us focus on the handwriting and documents in the LKC? I will share what I know and have discovered and you can share what you know and have discovered. Two minds are better than one. Who knows where this endeavor might take us.

  • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Sun Aug 5 09:01
    Of course I could answer them as could many others here on THIS Board. Isn't it amazing that we have a whole group of "Experts" over on the Yahoo site that cannot? Why is that I wonder? That insult... more
    • Re: My research must be flawed — Michael 5260, Sun Aug 5 10:44
      • Re: My research must be flawedAnonymous, Sun Aug 5 13:46
        As to question number 2: Bert Farrar, QDE, U.S. Treasury Dept. He did believe that Hauptmann wrote the notes, but had a "falling out" with the State Police in 1932. He was subpoenaed to the Hauptmann ... more
        • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Tue Aug 7 07:33
          Someone has been paying attention. The falling out went further than just in '32. And the use of the subpoena was a tactic employed by the State. That tactic was twofold: They never intended to use... more
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