Re: My research must be flawed
Sun Aug 5, 2018 13:46

As to question number 2: Bert Farrar, QDE, U.S. Treasury Dept. He did believe that Hauptmann wrote the notes, but had a "falling out" with the State Police in 1932. He was subpoenaed to the Hauptmann trial by the State and held in Trenton. Some say as a rebuttal witness for State, others say because the State did not want him on the stand due to this "falling out".

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    Okay. If there are many others on this board, I only need one person, that can answer my two questions I look forward to hearing their forthcoming answers. The questions are: * What was the name and... more
    • Re: My research must be flawed — Anonymous, Sun Aug 5 13:46
      • Re: My research must be flawedMichael, Tue Aug 7 07:33
        Someone has been paying attention. The falling out went further than just in '32. And the use of the subpoena was a tactic employed by the State. That tactic was twofold: They never intended to use... more
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