Richard Sloan
money for baby
Wed Aug 8, 2018 09:35

I never read that CAL overruled JFC through Breckkinridge. Since Breck wasn't there, this musta been decided upon back at the COndon house.
If I recall correctly, CJ must have told JFC to return in a little while with the $$ and that CJ would give him a note telling him where the baby was. If that is so, then CAL approved the agreement in the car, it having been decided upon earlier.
IWhy on earth would CAL agree to such a thing? Did he think that by handing over the money he was showing good faith and that would matter to CJ? We're dealing with criminals here; how could they be trusted?! Can we discuss this further here? Anyone else wanna chime in?

  • Re: two pointsJoe, Wed Aug 8 07:50
    Condon wanted to see the baby before delivery of the money, but he was overruled by Lindbergh through Breckinridge.
    • money for baby — Richard Sloan, Wed Aug 8 09:35
      • Re: money for babyJoe, Wed Aug 8 10:18
        It was decided upon before CAL and JFC left for St. Raymond's. After they met in the cemetery, JFC claimed he kept on CJ to take him to the child before the money and CJ refused. Condon then asked... more
        • CAL on getting a noteRichard Sloan, Wed Aug 8 11:47
          CAL was his own worst enemy. Had the cops been allowed near the cemetery, they could have at the very least secretly followed CJ without his knowledge. But maybe that was easier said than done. And... more
          • Re: CAL on getting a noteJoe, Wed Aug 8 13:01
            It seems a pretty good bet there was a lookout at both cemetery meeting locations. I believe Lindbergh genuinely felt if he did everything he was told, his son would be returned to him unharmed. That ... more
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