Re: CAL on getting a note
Wed Aug 8, 2018 13:01

It seems a pretty good bet there was a lookout at both cemetery meeting locations. I believe Lindbergh genuinely felt if he did everything he was told, his son would be returned to him unharmed. That doesn't seem to be a very popular theme these days within the "Lindbergh Did It" conspiracy camp, but I've seen nothing that even suggests he would have resorted to such an enormous criminal endeavor. A criminal endeavor that would have had to have involved a very impressive coterie of fellow conspirators, willing to flush their feelings, ethical standards and careers down the toilet.

  • CAL on getting a noteRichard Sloan, Wed Aug 8 11:47
    CAL was his own worst enemy. Had the cops been allowed near the cemetery, they could have at the very least secretly followed CJ without his knowledge. But maybe that was easier said than done. And... more
    • Re: CAL on getting a note — Joe, Wed Aug 8 13:01
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