Proof that it Wasn't a Fake Kidnapping
Fri Aug 10, 2018 03:16

It couldn't have been a fake kidnapping because then Charles would have known what was in the first note, opened it right away, and started not calling the police. Also he wouldn't have protected the note the way he did because for all he knew, his or his associates fingerprints might have been on the note. If it was a fake he'd want to handle the note himself and let others handle it as well so as to smudge any prints that were on there. Again, the prints might have been his own if it was a fake kidnapping.

  • Re: Was It A Fake Kidnapping?Michael 5260, Sun Jul 22 17:12
    Yeah Joe. It's very expensive sometimes to capture, prosecute, and defend the guilty.
    • Proof that it Wasn't a Fake Kidnapping — Jack, Fri Aug 10 03:16
      • Above InformationJack, Fri Aug 10 03:24
        The information in the post above also proves that CAL had nothing to do with the 3/1/32 crime, so lots of investigators are still heading in the wrong direction after all those years.
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