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Michael 5260
Re: David Bari
Fri Aug 17, 2018 15:23

What caused the police to pounce on Bari was the $5 ransom bill. Anyone that could be connected to Lindbergh ransom money was going to be suspicious to the police.

What Osborn saw in Bari's handwriting were national(shape of the "2's"0 and class characteristics. You cannot base an identification on them alone. It was a wise decision by Osborn not to have Bari arrested.

National characteristics are learned from the handwriting systems and customs of a country and are peculiar to their country of origin. These features are often carried over from a writer's native written language to the new styles of writing and appear in the new language in the style of writing, in letter forms, punctuation, and diacritics. They will usually indicate the writing to be the work of a foreign national, usually from a specific nation.

Class characteristics are those common to a number of writers and may result from such influences as the writing system studied, family associations, trade training, and education.

Hauptmann, Kloppenburg, Fisch, Bari, and Nosovitsky would all have similar national and class characteritics. All of them first learned to read and write in Europe and then learned to read and write in English. English was not their first language.

I didn't know about Albert Hurrle. It looks like Fawcett went shopping for a handwriting expert. I do know that Fawcett went to J.V. Haring and received an unfavorable opinion.

You know when a handwriting specialist gives an unfavorable oral opinion to an attorney that is usually the end of it. There is no Letter of Opinion written , no exhibits constructed, no court appearance. It is as if the handwriting specialist never existed. Sometimes an attorney might ask for a Letter of Opinion only, so they can show it to their client in order to get their client in touch with reality.

  • Re: David BariMichael, Fri Aug 17 12:13
    Everything is interesting to me... Bari was the guy Osborn was interested in. Among other things, he said his "2"s had the same curl as those in the ransom notes. He also spoke about difficulty in... more
    • Re: David Bari — Michael 5260, Fri Aug 17 15:23
      • Re: David BariMichael, Sat Aug 18 09:52
        Well not really... They always tried to trace a bill and looked at whoever it may have passed through. The handwriting in connection to the bill was what made them more closely look at this guy. My... more
        • Re: David BariMichael 5260, Sat Aug 18 13:19
          I doubt very much that Osborn would have said David Bari wrote all the Lindbergh ransom notes if the police had found ransom money hidden in his garage, closet, or anywhere else. Osborn warned... more
          • Michael 5260 re: David BariTanialee, Sat Sep 8 19:16
            Hi All.I've been out of the loop due to concentrating on another high profile case plus life's little ins and outs. As a certified handwriting analyst, I have to agree with what you've said here. I... more
          • Re: David BariMichael, Sat Aug 18 14:43
            We'll have to agree to disagree about what Osborn would have done.... Malone was a handwriting expert for over 32 years by that date and had testified in court as one many times in multiple states.... more
            • Re: David BariMichael 5260, Sun Aug 19 11:33
              It's okay for us to disagree about what Osborn would have done if loads of Lindbergh ransom had been found with David Bari. Since that did not happen the issue is moot. I just wanted to point out... more
              • Re: David BariMichael, Sun Aug 19 13:20
                I don't want to get into a back and forth so I'll say my last about Malone in this post. Yes, he was a Penman. He was also an Artist. And lastly, he was a Handwriting Expert who was qualified as one... more
                • Re: David BariMichael 5260, Sun Aug 19 16:52
                  In the early days it wasn't difficult to be qualified by the courts as an expert witness on handwriting. This left the door wide open for people that had no qualifications at all to testify in court... more
                  • Re: David BariMichael , Mon Aug 20 08:45
                    Do you know how many "Experts" would eventually claim to believe Fisch wrote the notes - and who they were?
                    • FIschRichard Sloan, Tue Aug 21 10:10
                      Wish we had more samples of Fisch's handwriting.
                    • Re: David BariMichael 5260, Mon Aug 20 17:28
                      Trendley was supposed to have told his family that he was convinced that Fisch wrote the ransom notes. That is what his family supposedly told reporters that were clamoring around Trendley's house. I ... more
                    • Re: David BariAnonymous, Mon Aug 20 15:20
                      Braunlich, Trendley, Goodspeed and Julia Farr who all examined the notes on 1/12/1935 under State Police guard in a Hotel in Trenton, N.J.
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