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Re: Hauptmann v. Kloppenburg
Thu Aug 23, 2018 08:14

But all things are not equal here. You see, you've laid out some "givens" below by which we are to proceed that I do not agree with.

Hauptmann was definitely coached during his exemplars. Perhaps not at each but there's no doubt about the attempt to influence him at times. One might also say he was purposely trying to avoid his natural style as well. I don't know why he would since the notes were disguised, but that is something I do not rule out either.

So we have a wide range of handwriting in these exemplars that Hauptmann wrote. How can they be compared like you suggest under the circumstances? Do we scour for letters we "like?"

Anyway, I am more of a counter-puncher. Since you've already made these charts it would be easier if you simply shared them. On top of that I do not have 1st generation copies of Kloppenburg's requests. I have copies of copies of copies. You can tell me what you see and I'll let you know if I see it or why I may or may not like the reason behind it.

  • Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael 5260 for Michael, Wed Aug 22 10:56
    In order to gain an understanding of similarities and differences that will be found in all handwritings H&K are very good subjects to study. H&K have some shared commonalities: Both were male. Both... more
    • Re: Hauptmann v. Kloppenburg — Michael, Thu Aug 23 08:14
      • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael 5260, Thu Aug 23 10:22
        What are the "givens" that you do not agree with? I do not know positively whether or not Hauptmann was coached when he was writing his exemplars. It is not wise to begin a handwriting examination... more
        • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael, Thu Aug 23 17:00
          The "givens" I disagree with: They were both under suspicion by the police. They both wrote under the same writing conditions. In a police station while the writing was dictated to them. Kloppenburg... more
          • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael 5260, Thu Aug 23 20:04
            Hauptmann and Kloppenburg were both in the same police station and both had the same test paragraph dictated to them. This isn't the same writing conditions? How so? If Kloppenburg wasn't under... more
            • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael, Fri Aug 24 08:31
              Once Kloppenburg got tired of writing did the Police whack him with a nightstick? No. But Hauptmann was. He was falling asleep and he'd get a knock on the ribs and told to write. It that a good... more
              • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael 5260, Fri Aug 24 11:44
                Hauptmann was told how to spell certain words. Where does this come from? Out of Hauptmann's own mouth. This is like believing Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander in self-defense. We are supposed to... more
                • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael, Fri Aug 24 12:36
                  I've been researching it for 18 years now. No one on the planet has logged more time at the Archives than I have with the exception of Mark Falzini. My files on the handwriting are enormous and I am... more
                  • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael 5260, Fri Aug 24 15:32
                    If you have enormous files on the handwriting you should have reached a solid conclusion about Hauptmann's handwriting. You have been looking at this junk for 18 years and you still do not have a... more
                    • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael, Sat Aug 25 08:45
                      You are kinda all over the place... "If" I have? Listen, if any files were ever damaged at the Archives you can rest easy in knowing that copies can be made from my collection to replace them. Also... more
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