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Michael 5260
Re: Hauptmann v. Kloppenburg
Thu Aug 23, 2018 20:04

Hauptmann and Kloppenburg were both in the same police station and both had the same test paragraph dictated to them. This isn't the same writing conditions? How so?

If Kloppenburg wasn't under suspicion why did the police have him submit handwriting exemplars? For laughs? They had nothing better to do at the time?

How else are the dictations supposed to be done? You read the test writing to the suspect, they write it, the sample is dated, a witness or witnesses sign it, and the suspect signs it. There isn't any other magical way to do it that I know of.

It is no HUGE assumption expecting someone to avoid their natural style of writing if the suspect is guilty. A person better be ready for it. If they are not they are a dunce.

You say we know the ransom note writer had at least two disguises. I'm glad you know this because I don't. What I see is the ransom note writer trying to alter the appearance of his writing and doing a very poor job of it. I see Hauptmann attempting to do the same thing in his request writings. He was trying to change the appearance of his writing by writing faster and smaller. There are only so many changes a writer can try to make in their writing and those changes are of a superficial nature. The unconscious, inconspicuous, writing habits will remain. They remain because the writer does not know he possesses these habits so he cannot omit them.

When Hauptmann was writing the ransom notes he wasn't trying to remember any particular kind of handwriting disguise and to consistently repeat that disguise. This is why the ransom notes actually are not that heavily disguised. The ransom notes were written over a period of weeks so there are going to be writing differences (variations) to be found in them. Any person that writes is not a machine spewing out writings that are exact duplicates of each other. We can't even write exact duplicates of our own signatures and signatures are the most repetitive writing a person write during their life.

Go ahead and make your own handwriting charts. You do not have to be a handwriting expert to do it. When handwriting evidence is presented in court the judge or the jury decides what weight should be given to the evidence. They make the ultimate decision and they are not handwriting experts.

If you don't think your handwriting charts and your own reasoning about what your examination reveals to you is not reliable you must not trust yourself.

  • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael, Thu Aug 23 17:00
    The "givens" I disagree with: They were both under suspicion by the police. They both wrote under the same writing conditions. In a police station while the writing was dictated to them. Kloppenburg... more
    • Re: Hauptmann v. Kloppenburg — Michael 5260, Thu Aug 23 20:04
      • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael, Fri Aug 24 08:31
        Once Kloppenburg got tired of writing did the Police whack him with a nightstick? No. But Hauptmann was. He was falling asleep and he'd get a knock on the ribs and told to write. It that a good... more
        • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael 5260, Fri Aug 24 11:44
          Hauptmann was told how to spell certain words. Where does this come from? Out of Hauptmann's own mouth. This is like believing Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander in self-defense. We are supposed to... more
          • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael, Fri Aug 24 12:36
            I've been researching it for 18 years now. No one on the planet has logged more time at the Archives than I have with the exception of Mark Falzini. My files on the handwriting are enormous and I am... more
            • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael 5260, Fri Aug 24 15:32
              If you have enormous files on the handwriting you should have reached a solid conclusion about Hauptmann's handwriting. You have been looking at this junk for 18 years and you still do not have a... more
              • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael, Sat Aug 25 08:45
                You are kinda all over the place... "If" I have? Listen, if any files were ever damaged at the Archives you can rest easy in knowing that copies can be made from my collection to replace them. Also... more
                • NewseumRichard Sloan, Sun Aug 26 13:15
                  DOes anyone here know what the Newseum in DC has pert. to the case?
                • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael 5260, Sat Aug 25 12:25
                  Okay, let's simplify things. In the next to last ransom note there is only one, only one, word misspelled. We can see that "south" is spelled "soud." That's it. All the other words in the ransom note ... more
                  • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael, Sun Aug 26 09:04
                    Let's make it even simpler. What we know (at the very least): 1. Sellers saw something in the exemplars which caused him to ask if Hauptmann was told how to spell. 2. Hauptmann said he was told how... more
                    • Re: Hauptmann v. KloppenburgMichael 5260, Sun Aug 26 11:07
                      What exactly did Sellers see in the exemplars that caused him to ask if Hauptmann was told how to spell? Hauptmann said he was told how to spell. What else would you expect him to say. Scaduto even... more
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