Richard Sloan
reunion today!
Sat Sep 8, 2018 08:50

Despite some rain, Ronelle, Nancy, and John H. will get together today in the Bronx to visit a couple of LKC sites and enjoy a nice long lunch on City Island. It will be the first time any of us will (hopefully!) get inside the little bldg. on City Island where Jafsie used to tinker with real estate and antiques and sold autographed copies of his book, "Jafsie Tells All." Unfortunately, three other friends were forced to cancel out of our long-planned reunion due to other commitments.

  • Henry PaynterMichael 5260 for Michael, Fri Sep 7 11:46
    Is Henry Paynter a news reporter?
    • Bx reunion dayRichard Sloan, Sat Sep 8 23:44
      Our Bronx reunion was delightful. 11:20 a.m. to 3:45 pm. There were six of us. First stop: JFC's house. The exterior seems to be completely restored now. The wire fence in front has been replaced by... more
      • Richard Sloan: B reunion daytanialee, Fri Sep 14 19:44
        So happy for those who were able to attend this reunion and Ty for sharing.
      • Re: Bx reunion dayrush.dena, Tue Sep 11 03:26
        I still want to go on the tour so badly one day!
        • For DenaRichard Sloan, Tue Sep 11 12:01
          I no longer conduct group tours of the Bx sites relating to the case I would give the tour by car for anybody willing to make it worth my while ($$) spending four hours showing them the sites. (They... more
          • LKC tourSam for Dena (and Richard), Wed Sep 12 17:47
            Dena, you may be interested in this video that shows one of Richard's tours from 2007:
            • Re: LKC tourMichael, Wed Sep 19 09:57
              Great video!
            • Sam's videoRichard Sloan, Wed Sep 12 18:34
              Would you believe that I never saw this?! The station or whathaveyou never gave me a copy. thanx, Sam!
      • So jealous! (nm)Sam for Richard, Sun Sep 9 12:32
    • reunion today! — Richard Sloan, Sat Sep 8 08:50
    • Re: Henry PaynterMichael, Sat Sep 8 08:20
      Yes he was. I am guessing you haven't read my 2nd book yet.
      • Re: Henry PaynterMichael 5260, Sat Sep 8 09:12
        Is Paynter responsible for writing Dr. Condon's telephone number in Hauptmann's closet?
        • Re: Henry PaynterMichael, Sat Sep 8 11:15
          See The Dark Corners of the Lindbergh Kidnapping , Volume II, pages 501-561. All the information you seek is there. I cannot fully answer the question in a post.
          • Re: Henry PaynterMichael 5260, Sat Sep 8 13:23
            I did read it. I'm still confused.
            • Re: Henry PaynterMichael, Sat Sep 8 14:17
              I know many authors pick and choose what to add or omit in order to support whatever their personal beliefs might be. I do not believe in doing that and because I put (most) everything out there it... more
              • Re: Henry PaynterMichael 5260, Sun Sep 9 10:57
                The story about Tom Cassidy writing Dr. Condon's address and telephone number in Hauptmann's closet first emanates from Murray Bleefeld. Bleefeld tells the story to Anthony Scaduto, which includes... more
                • Re: Henry PaynterMichael, Sun Sep 9 21:00
                  There isn't much you can teach me about this Script. I've spent months searching for material at the NJSP Archives about this very subject which led to that chapter in my book. You have to remember... more
                  • Re: Henry PaynterMichael 5260, Mon Sep 10 10:19
                    Just to be sure we are both going in the same direction. It was Henry Paynter "not" Tom Cassidy that was responsible for writing Condon's telephone number in Hauptmann's closet?
                    • Re: Henry Payntersteve romeo, Tue Sep 11 10:32
                      I don't think either one wrote on that board
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