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Michael 5260
Re: Henry Paynter
Sun Sep 9, 2018 10:57

The story about Tom Cassidy writing Dr. Condon's address and telephone number in Hauptmann's closet first emanates from Murray Bleefeld. Bleefeld tells the story to Anthony Scaduto, which includes Frank Fitzpatrick and Russell Hopstatter being told the account, and Scaudto includes the anecdote in his book.

Cassidy was supposed to have been telling his story about the closet writing all around Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Mt. Holly was Ellis Parker's base of operations. Somehow, someway this story must have slipped by Ellis Parker. Or, if Parker heard the story he didn't think very much or it.

Nine years later Ludovic Kennedy repeats the Tom Cassidy story in his book. The story has become the "gospel" now.

So the Fool's Parade now includes Scaudto, Fitzpatrick, Hopstatter, Kennedy, and all the readers that have read the Scaduto and Kennedy books and accept the Tom Cassidy story as the truth.

This whole thing takes hearsay to a very high level which is why it is generally inadmissible under the rules of evidence. I think we can agree on this point before we explore Henry Paynter.

  • Re: Henry PaynterMichael, Sat Sep 8 14:17
    I know many authors pick and choose what to add or omit in order to support whatever their personal beliefs might be. I do not believe in doing that and because I put (most) everything out there it... more
    • Re: Henry Paynter — Michael 5260, Sun Sep 9 10:57
      • Re: Henry PaynterMichael, Sun Sep 9 21:00
        There isn't much you can teach me about this Script. I've spent months searching for material at the NJSP Archives about this very subject which led to that chapter in my book. You have to remember... more
        • Re: Henry PaynterMichael 5260, Mon Sep 10 10:19
          Just to be sure we are both going in the same direction. It was Henry Paynter "not" Tom Cassidy that was responsible for writing Condon's telephone number in Hauptmann's closet?
          • Re: Henry Payntersteve romeo, Tue Sep 11 10:32
            I don't think either one wrote on that board
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