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Richard Sloan
For Dena
Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:01

I no longer conduct group tours of the Bx sites relating to the case I would give the tour by car for anybody willing to make it worth my while ($$) spending four hours showing them the sites. (They would also have to pick up the lunch tab either at a diner near Hauptmann's house or at a Burger King.) I conducted the tour for a lady about seven years ago, and she loved every minute of it. You have to realize that I live about an hour away (on L.I.) So I'd be devoting seven hours of my day for it. We'd meet at 10:30 and be finished by approx. 3:00. The sites would be (in this order):-- the Bx County Courthouse, the spot where Hauptmann was pulled from his car and taken into custody, Jafsie's house, Woodlawn Cemetery, the lumberyard Hauptmann patronized and got tips about carpentry jobs (I believe Koehler went there one day in the course of his research), the car dealership diagonally opp. where Bruno bought the car in which he was picked up by the cops, Hauptmann's house and garage site, Fredricksen's bakery, old St. Raymond's cemetery, and the site of the Bergen Greenhouse Nursery. I can be reached at

  • Re: Bx reunion dayrush.dena, Tue Sep 11 03:26
    I still want to go on the tour so badly one day!
    • For Dena — Richard Sloan, Tue Sep 11 12:01
      • LKC tourSam for Dena (and Richard), Wed Sep 12 17:47
        Dena, you may be interested in this video that shows one of Richard's tours from 2007:
        • Re: LKC tourMichael, Wed Sep 19 09:57
          Great video!
        • Sam's videoRichard Sloan, Wed Sep 12 18:34
          Would you believe that I never saw this?! The station or whathaveyou never gave me a copy. thanx, Sam!
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