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Sam for Dena (and Richard)
LKC tour
Wed Sep 12, 2018 17:47

Dena, you may be interested in this video that shows one of Richard's tours from 2007:

  • For DenaRichard Sloan, Tue Sep 11 12:01
    I no longer conduct group tours of the Bx sites relating to the case I would give the tour by car for anybody willing to make it worth my while ($$) spending four hours showing them the sites. (They... more
    • LKC tour — Sam for Dena (and Richard), Wed Sep 12 17:47
      • Re: LKC tourMichael, Wed Sep 19 09:57
        Great video!
      • Sam's videoRichard Sloan, Wed Sep 12 18:34
        Would you believe that I never saw this?! The station or whathaveyou never gave me a copy. thanx, Sam!
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