In honour of Richard Sloan
Thu Sep 13, 2018 13:19

Since we've been discussing the tour a little bit here, I thought it was time to pay tribute to my valued friend Richard Sloan whose tours meant so much to so many of us.

Thanks for enabling the case to come alive through taking us places and sharing your expertise. And those tours enabled me to meet and become longtime friends with people like Ronelle, Steve and Sue (and spend a day with Kenneth Kerwin aka Charles Lindbergh, Jr.)

These photos date from the 2007 tour:

The awesome Richard Sloan

Richard educates us at the location of the Warner-Quinlan gas station.

    • agreedBruce Brodinsky, Wed Oct 3 20:07
      My wife and I took the tour in 2011. I knew I'd have a great time, having been a reader of this controversy. But my wife just came along for the ride initially. Afterwards, besides telling me how... more
    • Re: In honour of Richard Sloansteve romeo, Wed Sep 19 09:36
      sorry I missed this one but met some great people all the years I went on the tour. never could get jim fisher to come on the tour though, but always a great event
    • Sam's "tribute" Richard Sloan, Fri Sep 14 21:09
      Well, it's nice that someone thinx enough to "pay tribute to someone while they are alive and able to appreciate it (not that I have any reason to think I'm about to croak!). So thanx so much, Sam,... more
      • PS about my toursRichard Sloan, Fri Sep 14 21:22
        You forget that it also led ME to meet people who became MY good friends,too!
        • richard sloan, tour guideBob Mills, Sat Sep 15 14:06
          Congratulations, Richard. I don't travel these days, but I was with you in spirit.
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