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Re: Henry Paynter II
Mon Sep 17, 2018 13:58

As you can see from my book, what happened was that Cassidy was mistaken for Paynter. Scaduto wrote the name which he was told then no one ever bothered to researched it from there on out. They simply repeated the story - either agreeing or disagreeing with it.

So no, Cassidy is on the "trash heap" because he is connected in other ways but he wasn't the one who wrote the phone number on that trim.

  • Henry Paynter IIMichael 5260 for Michael, Sun Sep 16 13:10
    Is Tom Cassidy finally on the LKC history trash heap?
    • Re: Henry Paynter II — Michael, Mon Sep 17 13:58
      • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael 5260 for Michael, Mon Sep 17 15:16
        If Cassidy was mistaken for Henry Paynter why was Cassidy bragging to Frank Fitzpatrick, Russell Hopstatter and others around Mt. Holly that he wrote the writing on the trim board? We need to get... more
        • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Mon Sep 17 16:16
          What's your source for this? Cassidy? If not, then it is a case of mistaken identity. Look at my research. Right church wrong pew.
          • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael 5260, Mon Sep 17 21:04
            If my memory is correct it was Ludovic Kennedy.
            • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Tue Sep 18 09:12
              That is exactly my point. This case is "Whisper Down the Alley" on steroids. Who has actually researched it? What we had going on were both sides taking their corners. Either it was absolutely "true" ... more
              • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael 5260 for Michael, Tue Sep 18 10:57
                Okay. So we have Henry Paynter, the writer of the telephone number on the trim board, admitting to C. Lloyd Fisher that he wrote the telephone number. Fisher had this information and did nothing... more
                • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Wed Sep 19 09:46
                  You are assuming quite a bit here aren't you? Ask yourself "why." There were many sources for this and not just Fisher. What I can tell you (since I've read hundreds of documents penned by Fisher) is ... more
                  • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael 5260 for Michael, Wed Sep 19 11:30
                    I am not assuming quite a bit of anything. I am going by the facts you presented. That Henry Paynter told Fisher that he wrote the telephone number on the trim board and then Fisher told Governor... more
                    • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Thu Sep 20 09:30
                      I am not trying to insult you but what I see is that you had made up your mind prior to any of this and now seek to justify that position. Its a natural phenomenon - especially among the ranks of... more
    • Re: Henry Paynter IIsteve romeo, Mon Sep 17 11:41
      I hope so, he testified in the ellis parker trial I think he made a ass out of himself there also. I speculate he was in gov hoffmans back pocket
      • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael 5260, Mon Sep 17 13:33
        Cassidy was a goombah of Ellis Parker. He would sometimes help Parker with investigations. Hoffman had a back pocket and a deep pocket. When a person embezzles as much money as he did over the years... more
    • ImportanceJack, Sun Sep 16 20:18
      Nobody even cares about Lindbergh anymore tosay nothing about the crime. In one study more than 50% of the people on the street didn't even know who CAL was. Just go down the list of important and... more
      • Re: ImportanceJoe, Mon Sep 17 10:47
        What keeps the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case from dying a dignified death is this type of sensationalist speculation. So, apparently Cassidy's a lame duck (nice run though, Tom) and Henry Paynter may now ... more
        • Re: ImportanceMichael, Mon Sep 17 14:03
          Why would it be "unlikely?" If you are suggesting Fisher "lied" about this then there certainly would have been bigger and better lies to tell - especially since it was only the phone number and... more
          • Re: ImportanceJoe for Michael, Tue Sep 18 09:14
            Okay, I think I understand your point now. You're basically saying that Fisher believed Paynter was telling him the truth about having "added" the phone number, but he also realized the "2974... more
            • Re: ImportanceMichael For Joe, Tue Sep 18 09:39
              Paynter told Fisher, among others, that he wrote the " phone number " there. Over the years it morphed into Cassidy admitting to everything. Even in Hawke's interview he attributed "everything" to... more
              • Re: ImportanceJoe for Michael, Tue Sep 18 10:05
                I'm certain there was a lot of collusion between Reporters and Cops back in those days, and that that type of unholy alliance formed the basis of Inspector Bruckman's serendipitous "discovery" within ... more
                • Fisher QuoteJack7, Wed Sep 19 06:32
                  I remember Fisher being quoted as saying "Guilty as hell" when asked about Richard's innocence. I could probably find the quote again. It happened when he and another guy were going out fishing.
                  • Re: Fisher QuoteJoe, Wed Sep 19 07:54
                    I'm not certain about the veracity of that account but I agree with the sentiment, Jack. Fisher couldn't possibly have felt otherwise, having come as close to Hauptmann as he did, and being... more
                    • all commentsJack, Fri Sep 21 04:05
                      I think you'll also see from comments that nobody seems to give a s--- anymore. Of course when I say nobody, I don't mean the die-hard few who refuse to give up. I truly think that if we could have a ... more
                    • fisher opinionjack, Fri Sep 21 03:54
                      I agree Joe, Fisher seemed to like Haoptmann, and if you can save a guy from the chair what the heck.
                    • Re: Fisher QuoteMichael, Wed Sep 19 09:53
                      He told someone that Hauptmann's hands weren't unclean. That's the worst I've been able to find, and I believe it was said. Aside from words we do have actions to think about. Like for example, once... more
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