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Michael 5260 for Michael
Re: Henry Paynter II
Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:57

Okay. So we have Henry Paynter, the writer of the telephone number on the trim board, admitting to C. Lloyd Fisher that he wrote the telephone number.

Fisher had this information and did nothing about it? Verdicts have been overturned and new trials granted based on less acquired facts than this kind of disclosure.

If Fisher bothered to check Paynter's story, which any astute defense attorney would have done before filing a legal motion, Fisher must have found Paynter's admission without merit. Thus, no action was taken.

A person telling a story is one thing. A person telling a story that is backed up with verifiable proof is something different. Fisher was an enthusiastic defense attorney. He wasn't a stupid one.

  • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Tue Sep 18 09:12
    That is exactly my point. This case is "Whisper Down the Alley" on steroids. Who has actually researched it? What we had going on were both sides taking their corners. Either it was absolutely "true" ... more
    • Re: Henry Paynter II — Michael 5260 for Michael, Tue Sep 18 10:57
      • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Wed Sep 19 09:46
        You are assuming quite a bit here aren't you? Ask yourself "why." There were many sources for this and not just Fisher. What I can tell you (since I've read hundreds of documents penned by Fisher) is ... more
        • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael 5260 for Michael, Wed Sep 19 11:30
          I am not assuming quite a bit of anything. I am going by the facts you presented. That Henry Paynter told Fisher that he wrote the telephone number on the trim board and then Fisher told Governor... more
          • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Thu Sep 20 09:30
            I am not trying to insult you but what I see is that you had made up your mind prior to any of this and now seek to justify that position. Its a natural phenomenon - especially among the ranks of... more
            • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael 5260, Fri Sep 21 13:00
              How can a person make up their mind about a garbage can story like Henry Paynter's? It isn't even a fact. A fact is something that can be proved to be true. Based on Fisher's inaction concerning... more
              • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Sat Sep 22 08:38
                What you are doing is attempting to disprove something "you" don't like based upon what "you" think "you" would have done in that situation. I believe this is a flawed approach for more reasons than... more
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