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Re: Fisher Quote
Wed Sep 19, 2018 07:54

I'm not certain about the veracity of that account but I agree with the sentiment, Jack. Fisher couldn't possibly have felt otherwise, having come as close to Hauptmann as he did, and being intelligent enough to understand the circumstantial physical evidence against his client. He was just being a "good" lawyer by maintaining his client's innocence. He also knew that to be part of the defense team that found its client not guilty, or even if he had been able to save Hauptmann's life after the verdict, would have been a great career move.

  • Fisher QuoteJack7, Wed Sep 19 06:32
    I remember Fisher being quoted as saying "Guilty as hell" when asked about Richard's innocence. I could probably find the quote again. It happened when he and another guy were going out fishing.
    • Re: Fisher Quote — Joe, Wed Sep 19 07:54
      • all commentsJack, Fri Sep 21 04:05
        I think you'll also see from comments that nobody seems to give a s--- anymore. Of course when I say nobody, I don't mean the die-hard few who refuse to give up. I truly think that if we could have a ... more
      • fisher opinionjack, Fri Sep 21 03:54
        I agree Joe, Fisher seemed to like Haoptmann, and if you can save a guy from the chair what the heck.
      • Re: Fisher QuoteMichael, Wed Sep 19 09:53
        He told someone that Hauptmann's hands weren't unclean. That's the worst I've been able to find, and I believe it was said. Aside from words we do have actions to think about. Like for example, once... more
        • hauptmann, the "lone wolf"bob mills for michael and forum, Thu Sep 20 13:19
          Michael, I agree completely. For some reason, intelligent people lose perspective when it comes to serious crimes. Every accused has to be "guilty as hell" or "totally innocent." It's almost as if... more
          • Re: hauptmann, the "lone wolf"Michael For Bob, Fri Sep 21 08:21
            In the beginning I think its a smart tactic to pick a side then debate it to its logical conclusion. I've done that myself and also played "Devil's Advocate" in order to shake things out. However,... more
        • Re: Fisher QuoteJoe, Wed Sep 19 13:32
          You're preaching to the long converted that the answer to this case lies somewhere between black and white. For the sake of argument and placing Lone Wolf on the left and Lindy Did It on the right,... more
          • Re: Fisher QuoteMichael, Thu Sep 20 09:38
            Here's my point before I vacate: 1. Hauptmann was not "Innocent." 2. Hauptmann was not a "Lone-Wolf." The FACTS prove otherwise. Once removed from either of these Camps everyone will be much closer... more
            • Re: Fisher QuoteJoe, Fri Sep 21 09:45
              I agree Hauptmann was not innocent and that he was not a Lone Wolf. The circumstantial physical evidence strongly supports these conclusions. To date, there is no circumstantial physical evidence to... more
              • Re: Fisher QuoteMichael, Fri Sep 21 11:04
                Nowadays, police focus in on people who both lie and/or inconsistent. They focus in on eyewitness accounts of anything that may or may not be connected. They focus in on the actions of those who may... more
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