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Michael 5260 for Michael
Re: Henry Paynter II
Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:30

I am not assuming quite a bit of anything. I am going by the facts you presented. That Henry Paynter told Fisher that he wrote the telephone number on the trim board and then Fisher told Governor Hoffman Paynter's story.

You are making an assumption that Fisher believed Paynter's story because he told Hoffman. I don't think Fisher believed the story and Hoffman didn't believe it either because they both remained inert about the story.

These two men, Fisher and Hoffman, were searching for anything that could possibly alter Hauptmann's conviction, and yet they let Paynter's handwriting disclosure drop like a hot potato. That I do not believe by any stretch of the imagination if the Paynter story had been true.

If true, Henry Paynter's story would have been manna from heaven to C. Lloyd Fisher. If Fisher could have found and produced irrefutable proof of Paynter's story, the kind that could withstand an extremely intense cross-examination, he would have gone forward with a legal motion. Why wouldn't he do so? If the story was the truth there was nothing to fear. If the story was BS there was plenty to fear and Fisher knew it.

Speaking of fear. Paynter wasn't concerned about facing a charge of falsifying evidence, tampering, obstruction of justice? You go to prison for such things you know. You can bet he would have been charged with something if his story was true and he actually committed such an act.

At the least Fisher would have asked some questions. A few that come to my mind:

Were you alone when you wrote the telephone number?

If someone was with you what's their name?

Were there any police officers in the apartment when you wrote the telephone number?

Did anyone at all see you write the telephone number?

How did you gain access to Hauptmann's apartment?

Did you consult a telephone directory to find the telephone number?

What kind of writing instrument did you use to write the telephone number?

How did you know the telephone number?

What did you do after you wrote the telephone number?

Did you tell anyone else that you wrote the telephone number before you told me?

Yeah, there would have been plenty of questions to ask Henry Paynter.

  • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Wed Sep 19 09:46
    You are assuming quite a bit here aren't you? Ask yourself "why." There were many sources for this and not just Fisher. What I can tell you (since I've read hundreds of documents penned by Fisher) is ... more
    • Re: Henry Paynter II — Michael 5260 for Michael, Wed Sep 19 11:30
      • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Thu Sep 20 09:30
        I am not trying to insult you but what I see is that you had made up your mind prior to any of this and now seek to justify that position. Its a natural phenomenon - especially among the ranks of... more
        • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael 5260, Fri Sep 21 13:00
          How can a person make up their mind about a garbage can story like Henry Paynter's? It isn't even a fact. A fact is something that can be proved to be true. Based on Fisher's inaction concerning... more
          • Re: Henry Paynter IIMichael, Sat Sep 22 08:38
            What you are doing is attempting to disprove something "you" don't like based upon what "you" think "you" would have done in that situation. I believe this is a flawed approach for more reasons than... more
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