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Michael 5260
Re: More
Thu Sep 27, 2018 13:55

Three times this week I have heard John H. Wigmore quoted by attorneys:

"Cross-examination is the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth."

Wigmore was an American jurist and expert in the law of evidence. He wrote the 10-volume Treatise on the Anglo-American System of Evidence in Trials at Common Law (1904-1905)usually called Wigmore on Evidence. It's generally regarded as one of the world's great books on law.

I might add to this that it is also an excellent engine for exposing falsehoods.

It makes no difference that everyone is dead. We have their words and their actions that can be cross-examined and those words and actions have value.

If you want to attack something attack the Opinion of the Court of Errors and appeals of New Jersey.(October 9, 1935)

The appellate court based their opinion on the trial transcript. In their own way they were mentally cross-examining the content of the trial transcript and responding to the objections and exceptions taken by the defense.

  • Re: MoreMichael, Thu Sep 27 08:02
    You speak as if you were actually walking in his shoes. The man had more access and the most amount of information concerning Hauptmann than anyone else. First thing is that his Lawyers were bound by ... more
    • Re: More — Michael 5260, Thu Sep 27 13:55
      • Re: MoreMichael, Thu Sep 27 14:19
        If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it - does it make a sound? If the answer is yes, then how in the hell can anyone cross examine facts they aren't aware of? So what you mean to ... more
        • Re: MoreMichael 5260, Thu Sep 27 16:19
          Our discussions have been about the evidence and the trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann That is the focus. At least I think that is the focus. Curtis Transcripts, Means Transcripts, and Parker... more
          • Re: MoreMichael, Thu Sep 27 19:09
            You are incorrect of both points. My discussions do not exclude anything relevant. Next, testimony from other related cases that contradict testimony in Flemington should not be ignored. Yet it is -... more
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