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Michael 5260 for Michael
Re: Edward Oehler
Thu Sep 27, 2018 14:15

Congratulations. You have discovered another bogus handwriting examiner and a classic example of junk science.

When you hear someone babbling about poor penmanship and then good penmanship, 10 degrees, 25 degrees, 30 degrees, too much pressure, 40% larger then 30% increased in size, you should realize you are being told a whole bunch of nothing. It's saying something and telling you nothing.

"Pressure of the pen." Wrong. The writing was done with a pencil.

Paynter must have been a wizard with the pencil according to Oehler. He was able to forge the 3-7154 telephone number using only the "4" and the "7" from the "2974" address number. He had to write the "3", "1", and "5" in his own handwriting(there was nothing to copy from the address) and the numbers just so happen to match Hauptmann's numbers in his account books. My, my, my.

  • Re: Edward OehlerMichael, Tue Sep 25 08:58
    It's all on pages 501-61 in V2.
    • Re: Edward Oehler — Michael 5260 for Michael, Thu Sep 27 14:15
      • Re: Edward OehlerMichael, Thu Sep 27 14:38
        "Pen Pressure" is a term. I thought you would know that. Those numbers match? Congratulations on your "opinion." Everything he wrote matches up with what I've seen while looking at the actual trim.... more
        • Re: Edward OehlerMichael 5260, Thu Sep 27 17:02
          Of course I know what pen pressure is. The downward force of the writing instrument. Big deal. I also know that blathering about pen pressure is a fortress of handwriting charlatans. Oehler mentions... more
          • Re: Edward OehlerMichael, Thu Sep 27 19:41
            I sure did read it. You made quite a few assumptions. He did not know what Paynter admitted to yet concluded it was the phone number that was forged. How does something like that happen? Anyway I'll... more
            • Re: Edward OehlerMichael 5260, Fri Sep 28 11:12
              So, Edward Oehler did not know Henry Paynter admitted to forging the telephone number, yet Oehler concluded the phone number was forged. This is a non sequitar isn't it? Oehler claiming the phone... more
              • Re: Edward OehlerMichael, Fri Sep 28 11:36
                The trim board is a rough wood surface with a heavy coat of paint on it. The brush strokes have created troughs and ridges on the surface of the trim board. Would any rational person expect the... more
        • Re: Edward OehlerMichael, Thu Sep 27 14:50
          It also demonstrates at the address and phone number were written at different times. Pretty important observation knowing that Paynter wasn't admitting to the entire thing - and just that phone... more
          • Re: Edward OehlerMichael 5260, Fri Sep 28 11:27
            This does not demonstrate (Oehler) that the address and phone number were written at different times. There is no evidence present that indicates or shows the time of writing. The phone number could... more
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