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Michael 5260
Re: Edward Oehler
Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:12

So, Edward Oehler did not know Henry Paynter admitted to forging the telephone number, yet Oehler concluded the phone number was forged. This is a non sequitar isn't it?

Oehler claiming the phone number was a forgery does not automatically make Paynter the forger. This isn't any kind of proof that Paynter wrote the telephone number and that Oehler's forgery assertion was valid. I can't climb aboard that LKC clown car.

The table confession writing? I mentioned that indelible pencil writing of this kind usually turns blue or purplish when wetted. This is what sets the writing and makes it indelible. There are dyes mixed in with the graphite that cause the writing to change color.

My apologies. I should have said the writing was written in orange. It would have made you happier.

Sorry, I studied the actual trim board and Hauptmann's account books before I made my conclusion. How else can a person do the examination? If you have a shortcut method let me know about it.

Of course we will probably always disagree or as you say, "agree to disagree." I explain to you what to look at and how to study it and you refuse to do it. I'm willing to assist you in any way I can and you reject the help and argue about minutiae. This is why the discussions go nowhere and lead nowhere.

Another reason is that our discussions exhibit circular reasoning along with circular arguments. You tend to begin with what you are trying to end with.

  • Re: Edward OehlerMichael, Thu Sep 27 19:41
    I sure did read it. You made quite a few assumptions. He did not know what Paynter admitted to yet concluded it was the phone number that was forged. How does something like that happen? Anyway I'll... more
    • Re: Edward Oehler — Michael 5260, Fri Sep 28 11:12
      • Re: Edward OehlerMichael, Fri Sep 28 11:36
        The trim board is a rough wood surface with a heavy coat of paint on it. The brush strokes have created troughs and ridges on the surface of the trim board. Would any rational person expect the... more
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