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Re: Edward Oehler
Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:36

The trim board is a rough wood surface with a heavy coat of paint on it. The brush strokes have created troughs and ridges on the surface of the trim board. Would any rational person expect the pencil strokes to be uniform on such a surface? No,they would not.

Here is a picture of the numerical portion of the address:


So yes, to answer your question, if a set of writing looks this way I would expect there to be a degree of consistency throughout - IF it was written by the same hand and at the same time. You obviously do not agree so that's where we're at.

I do appreciate that you looked at this because that's way more than most for sure. But remember that I have too. (Rab and I took it into a dark room and even looked at it under a black light!) And it didn't end with just the examination physical piece of evidence - but everything there is to see and be learned from. How about you - did you do that too or simply stop?

I do not subscribe to the "conclude first" then "ask questions later" philosophy. Am I a handwriting expert? No. But I have tried to learn about it, and believe there is something to it. However, it is not a true science by any stretch. If it were there would never be experts on either side of a questioned document. And when there is what are the odds?


Or are both "experts" right? No, they cannot be can they? Who wrote the Ramsey Note? Depends on which "expert" you ask. Did Karr? Some "experts" said he did. So no, while I may take it into consideration I do not rely on this stuff - especially not when there is other evidence which can compliment or harm a conclusion.

  • Re: Edward OehlerMichael 5260, Fri Sep 28 11:12
    So, Edward Oehler did not know Henry Paynter admitted to forging the telephone number, yet Oehler concluded the phone number was forged. This is a non sequitar isn't it? Oehler claiming the phone... more
    • Re: Edward Oehler — Michael, Fri Sep 28 11:36
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